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Raising Solraya’s Sunshine Chickens

Sunshine chickens are Solraya’s brand of imported chicken from France. This free ranged, grass fed, naturally grown, pastured colored chickens are becoming the favorite of most chicken raisers. Raisers of sunshine chicken praised the plump...


How To Make Chocolate Candy

Chocolate is perhaps the most desired sweet on the face of the planet, enticing people from all over the world to have that sinfully delightful bite, that deliciously taste of darkness and sweetness, that unmistakably...


Bayad Center Franchise

Bayad Center is recognized as the country’s best one-stop payment center. Currently, Bayad Center has over 900 outlets nationwide. Bayad center plans to add around 50 more franchisees to the Bayad Center network until the...


Raising Dairy Cattle

Temperate breeds of dairy cattle that have been raised successfully in the Philippines are the Holstein Friesian, the Jersey, and the Brown Swiss. TheHolstien-Friesian has an average daily milk production of 22 kilograms with an...

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