Things you Should Know About the Weighbridge Weighing Scales

We all know how important weight is when it comes to imports and exports to and from other countries and states. But weighing such heavyweights in huge forms can be difficult as there are only a few apparatus available to measure the same.

Weighbridge Weighing Scales

Weighbridges are one such scale used to weigh bulk items. A weighbridge is a heavy weighing scale that is mounted to the concrete which is usually used to measure road and rail transport vehicles with or without the goods in it.

What are the Kinds of Weighbridges Available in the Market?

The first process involved in purchasing a weighbridge is looking for Weighbridge supplier. Manufacturers of weighbridges have different kinds of weighbridges. So, while buying a weighbridge for yourself, you need to check which type of weighbridge will be a perfect fit for your scaling needs.

Some of the Widely Available Kinds of the Weighbridge Weighing Scale are given below:

  • In-ground weighbridges.
  • Above-ground weighbridges.
  • Portable weighbridges.

What is the Price of a Weighbridge, Weighing Apparatus on an Average?

Another important question that arises is the cost price of the product which we want to purchase. Here, our product, the weighbridge weighing scale’s average cost price is given below under two expectable conditions:

  • A used or refurbished piece of weighbridge can cost about $8000 or above.
  • Secondly, a completely new piece of weighbridge with newly loaded ramps, after including the installation and testing charges can cost about $20,000 or above.

How does a Weighbridge Work?

The weighbridge, weighing apparatus, is a setup of scales in a bridge-like manner. The weight of the vehicle needed to be measured enters inside one side of the weighbridge and rests on the steel base. Then, the digital screen gets displayed with the right weight with the help of the load cells.

These weighing processes can be done twice for a single silence. That is, one after the goods are loaded and once again, when the goods are unloaded.

What are the different Parts of Weighbridges? Which are the Parts that are more likely to be Repaired or Need to be Serviced?

A weighbridge is composed of different parts like:

  • The basement: The basement is made up of a concrete base.
  • Platform: The platform is made up of steel.
  • Load cells: They are the measuring agents that give output.
  • Terminals: The indicator that displays the results of the weighing process.
  • Cables: Cables are the channels through which the results get transmitted.

Which kind of Industries can use these Weighbridges, Weighing Scales?

Weighbridges are useful in most industries. Mainly, the weighbridge, weighing scales are useful in mining, metal household goods, electrical equipment kind of industries and more such industries that need to transport, buy or sell goods by calculating the weight.

The entire weighbridge, weighing apparatus must be cleaned, greased, and maintained so as to protect the systems from various elements that may cause disruption in the functioning. The Weighbridges are used to measure apt weight results. So, it must be checked on a periodic basis to see if it is working in the right way displaying the right results.

Usually, there is a rule regarding the service of the weighbridge, weighing apparatus. That is, a weighbridge must be serviced or checked once in every 6 months, with an annual calibration.

Other queries about the Weighbridge Weighing Apparatus:

Some other questions you may wonder to ask are given below:

  1. Should scrap yards be displaying the calibration certificates or should it be displaying servicing information?
  • A simple yes. To prove that the weighbridge provides proper weight results, it is advisable to leave the scrap yards displaying the calibration certificates and the serving information with the weighbridge weight display screen.
  • Are people who are willing to buy the weighbridge weighing scale, free to test or check the apparatus before purchasing the same?
  • Yes, again. As weighbridges are huge investments and that the accuracy of the weight results is the most crucial yet important part of purchasing a heavy cost weighing scales like the weighbridges. The customers who are willing to make a purchase is free to test or check the apparatus rightly as much as they want as per their wish before purchasing the weighbridge.

To conclude

The weighbridge, weighing scale is a long-term investment with which one can expect a good return. For a good run, you will have to choose the right type of Weighbridge. Secondly, a good choice of weighbridge manufacturers plays a major role in estimating the working and life of the weighbridges. Finally, to expect good results, you will have to maintain the weighbridge apparatus accordingly by running quick checks about the working of the system.

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