Five Reasons to Buy Sustainable Fashion Online

Every customer around the world has become more aware of the choices they make in respect to whatever they buy; we see there is an ongoing conversation regarding what we are doing to nature and the environment. One such crucial conversation is on sustainable fashion – a fashion is almost a revolution that demands a shift from a fast style and fashion that harms nature and society. Sustainable fashion supports eco-fashion and keeps in mind two essential things that are the environment and social responsibility. Before heading to buy sustainable dresses in the UK, you must check the quality of the fabric. 

Sustainable Fashion Online

The sustainable fashion concept is not new; in fact, it has been talked about by various dimensions over the few years. But today, it is almost like a need of the hour. Many fashion productions houses that go with fast fashion and deliver clothes for mass consumption, not just harm nature but also choose quantity over quality for profits. Following are the reasons why you should buy sustainable fashion online: 

Reduces the Number of Pesticides: 

Most of the clothes are produced from cotton, that’s why cotton farming needs a huge amount of pesticides to be used to ensure a healthy crop. By wearing clothes that are eco-friendly, you are reducing the number of pesticides used on a regular basis as you are lowering the demand for clothing. While shopping online, try to ensure that the website you will buy sustainable dresses in the UK is reputable and should be your first concern. It should be taken care of well before clicking the buy button. 

An established seller will not run off with your money and is not misrepresenting the products that it is selling. You can find out about the website reputation by searching for reviews online, or by asking for people’s honest feedback in relevant terms. You can also ask friends or families for their personal experience with various shopping websites, to see if they have websites that they love or have had trouble with in the past. 

Reduces Carbon Footprint: 

The global fashion industry emits a large number of greenhouse gases every year, thus contributing massively and actively to global warming. One of the reasons is that the vast majority of our clothes are petroleum-based and made from fossil fuels, including polyester, acrylic and nylon. All such materials require significantly more energy in the production phase than natural or recycled fibres. 

On the other hand, sustainable fashion often uses materials from natural or recycled fabrics that require significantly less to no chemical treatment, little water, less energy and no fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Organic fabrics such as linen, organic cotton, hemp are made from sustainable wood pulp. These environmentally-sound fabrics go easy on the planet and are amazing sustainable alternatives.

Requires Less Water: 

Water is a significant resource for the fashion industry. It is used in the finishing and dyeing process for mostly all of our clothes. It takes an incredible amount of water to produce a single T-shirt. Cotton is a material that is highly dependent on water but is grown in dry and hot areas where water is a scarce resource already. 

But organic cotton reduces water consumption as compared to conventional cotton. However, only 1% of global cotton production to date is organic. This is due to the much higher cost of non-GMO seeds, which require more investments into materials and machinery, which farmers only use for their organically grown crop. Other sustainable fabrics that require less water during the production phase are linen, hemp and recycled fibres like recycled cotton. 

Safe for People and Planet:

Most fashion items during production undergo a long and intense chemical process before ending up in our wardrobe. Approx. 8,000 different synthetic chemicals are used to bleach, dye and wet process these garments. Such chemicals cause deaths or even diseases among farmers and impose serious birth defects on their children.

Some of these chemicals also pose a threat to health as well; as our skin absorbs anything, including the chemicals in our clothes. 

Clothes are Higher-Quality: 

Sustainable clothing is a superior product and synonymous with high quality. Eco-friendly fabrics are softer, stronger and will last for many years. In fact, sustainable clothing guarantees you won’t have to continue buying new clothes all the time. Purchasing from the popular clothing brands that manufacture overseas gives you no guarantee that the clothes you buy are quality backed.  

Clothing materials take a lot to produce, especially cotton. The materials used to make clothing are fast running out, and to keep up with farming practices that are harmful to the planet have been used increasingly. By buying clothes made from sustainable materials like hemp, you are reducing the demand. This move will lead to a reduction in the pollution clothing manufacturing causes.  

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