Top Ten Advantages of Hiring an EMS Provider

China is the manufacturing hub of the world, and there is no doubt that even the best electronic manufacturer will have its base in this country. Over the years, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) has grown by leaps and bounds, offering an excellent mix of price and quality. From US$395.818 billion in 2019, it is slated to touch US$650.780 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 8.64%.

EMS provider

The global industrial sector cannot survive without top electronic equipment and gadgets, which is where the top contract electronic manufacturer comes in. The demand for technologies and electronics in the world is gathering steam, which has created massive scope for jobs in EMS. All companies which manufacture, test, distribute, and also provide repair or return services for electronic assemblies and components are classified under EMS.

More about EMS

Digital computers and their integration into mainstream since the 1990s has led to increasing usage of electronics around the world. These days, the diversity associated with electronic assembly and component miniaturization has increased, leading to enhanced scope for EMS. Processes contained within EMS are related to:

  • Design of electronic components
  • Assembly of electronic components        
  • Manufacturing electronic components
  • Testing electronic components

The above work is primarily done for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across a range of industries.

Developing territories as manufacturing hubs

Over a period of time, it makes a lot of sense to develop an entire State or city as a manufacturing hub for a country, as well as the international market. Detroit has been most famous for automobile parts in the US for a very long, and Tamil Nadu in India is increasingly being identified as India’s Detroit. This occurs when a region contributes a major chunk of electronic exports to a country. Tamil Nadu aims to increase India’s total electronic exports by at least 25%. Some of the top electronic manufacturers in the State are:

  • Flex
  • Dell
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • Foxconn
  • HP

Top advantages of hiring an EMS provider

  1. Tremendous industry experience- A reputed EMS provider will have many years of experience in designing high quality products and should be proud of its services
  2. Supplies for various businesses- Top EMS providers are able to design products across a range of industries, which include medical, defense, aerospace, security, and more. A company in any business can make use of these services.
  3. High industry compliance- Quality guidelines for the electronics field are very rigorous, and so any EMS provider can gain popularity only by being compliant with the standards. All products are thoroughly tested and are error free.     
  4. Receive supply on time- Time is money, and the best EMS provider will make sure that it delivers electronic goods as per the allocated timeline. The opposite of this may result in loss of business.  
  5. Up-to-date technology– State-of-the-art technologies help to ensure that products are always competitive. One example of a technology in use is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
  6. Direct fulfillment– Examples of fulfillment services include troubleshooting faulty products and making repairs prior to sending them back to their depot. This helps to save money and time on warranty replacement units.
  7. Automation– The reputed EMS providers have already moved to automated production lines, while the others continue to do so. Manufacturing software that can prepare, launch, and then execute electronics production are available. These types of software also obtain the highest level of materials management, component traceability, and quality analytics from a factory automation system.
  8. New product manufacturing– Electronics is one field which undergoes rapid innovation, which leads to an accelerated demand for faster applications and products. Any company which markets this product first will enjoy tremendous success.
  9. Assistance in the design process- Apart from providing the manufacturing service, the EMS provider should also help a company in the design process. This is inclusive of increasing the manufacturing efficiency of legacy products and designing for manufacturability. 
  10. Managing relationships- The manufacturers should have someone to manage one’s contract from the beginning to the end. Since several details have to be looked at, there should be one person in the manufacturing company who can look at this as the Project Manager.    

Protecting Intellectual Property

Any company trying to bring a product to the market would have to depend on a number of third-party providers. At every step it becomes important to share the concept, while could lead to Intellectual Property theft. Companies need to be aware of this and should protect themselves against it as well. Since the EMS provider will be an important part of the final product’s realization, it becomes necessary to find out how the company’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will be protected. Ensure that the EMS provider is completely dedicated to protection of ideas as well as relevant data from the first day. 

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