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Gold IRA

Why Opening a Gold IRA Might Change Your Retirement Timeline

Retirement is not an age. It’s a financial state of being. If you can survive on the passive income, produced by your investments, then you can retire comfortably. That state isn’t regulated to people who been on the earth for 65 years, working away. No, by investing your capital wisely,...

VIDEO: Hiring Up, But Yellen 'dashboard' Signals Caution 5

VIDEO: Hiring Up, But Yellen ‘dashboard’ Signals Caution

With employers ramping up hiring and the unemployment rate sinking in the past year, pressure is rising on Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve: Is the time near to raise interest rates to prevent a strengthening economy from igniting inflation? Employers, after all, have added an average 244,000 jobs a month since...

VIDEO: The Risk Behind Buffett's Advice 6

VIDEO: The Risk Behind Buffett’s Advice

Warren Buffet’s investment advice echoes the long-term stock investors’ refrain: “Buy and hold.” Further, adopting academics’ beliefs, he advises holding an inexpensive S&P 500 index fund. That sounds easy. And, coming from the master, undoubtedly profitable. We only need to look at a long-term stock index chart to prove the...