Top 3 Things About Artificial Intelligence You Need to Know

Is your business lacking your customer’s attention? Are they showing lesser interest in engaging with your products? Have you strived to find out the reason behind this? If you go through the list of most common reasons for customer’s reduced interest in businesses, you will find out that each of them wants to have a personalized experience when they interact with your brand. Do you think it is a piece of cake to provide specialized experiences to a myriad of customers? No, not if you take the conventional route. But it is achievable if you adopt modern strategies. How? Well, for that, you first need to know “what is an artificial intelligence accelerator?”

Even before you find the answer to “what is an artificial intelligence accelerator,” you need to understand what artificial intelligence is in the first place. So, let’s see that first.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the latest technology that enables computers to work like humans. Yes, you heard that right; an experienced engineer trains AI models to perform tasks that humans usually perform by letting them go through labelled images, videos, and texts. Some of the common examples of artificial intelligence executing the functions of senior executives are the ability to make decisions, communicate with users, and provide them with a personalized experience.

Do you think that this way, artificial intelligence will replace humans sooner than later? Here, you need to understand that artificial intelligence is not about replacing people in most cases; it is all about improving their capabilities and transforming the way they do specific tasks. The artificial intelligence software tools are the key assistants that help companies automate various business operations.

What is Artificial Intelligence software?

Artificial intelligence software is a set of programs that utilizes artificial intelligence technology and unique algorithms to automate several tasks of B2B and B2C companies. By incorporating AI software into your core system, you can automate various business processes that will save you precious time and effort, resulting in enabling your in-house staff to work more productively.

To give you a brief overview of AI software, let’s take a simple example of ecommerce sites. Have you bought online shoes, dresses, or any other product for that matter recently? While checking out the desired items on a specific ecommerce platform, have you come across product recommendations? These recommendations are the suggestions provided by artificial intelligence software based on your purchase history or what other customers bought with the product you see right now.

With that complete, let’s move to the answer to “what is an artificial intelligence accelerator.”

What is an Artificial Intelligence Accelerator?

You can understand an artificial intelligence accelerator as a microchip in layman’s terms, specially designed to do AI tasks quickly. Now that AI task could be anything from deploying chatbots on your website to communicate with visitors to plan your customer retention. For instance, you run a marketing campaign online to drive massive traffic to your shopping site. Now, one of your potential customers will click on the ad and reach your landing page.

Then, as soon as they find what your product is all about, they will decide whether to proceed with the buying process or overlook it altogether. If your potential customers decide to put their money on your offering, they will click on the CTA or Call to Action button and reach your product page. Upon arriving there, they will add that particular product to their cart and wait for the payment page to open. While all this is happening, they may find issues with your shipping charge, like it is pretty high or something else.

Thus, at that moment, only they will close the page and leave your site. Hence, it will result in lost business and lost chances of repeat sales, ok? Now, if you have not automated your shopping cart tasks, you will have to get in touch with them, ask for the reason for not purchasing the item, and provide some discounts to encourage them to complete the purchase. If you have to do this for a handful of customers, there is no issue investing your time in it. But what if scores of people have left your cart the same way?

It would be a pretty time-consuming and challenging task to convince each of them to buy your product. So, what’s the solution? You need to reach out to an artificial intelligence service provider and ask them to help you with customer retention. Then they will integrate some AI-driven programs into your core system that will improve your bottom line. How?

As soon as your potential customers abandon the cart, the AI system will send them an automated email asking for the reasons for that and offer a couple of coupons to complete the order. It will significantly increase your customer retention while saving a tremendous amount of your employees’ time and energy and increasing their productivity.


I hope you now know how to increase your customers’ engagement with your brand. Have you liked the solution discussed in this blog post? Then you must get into conversation with an enterprise-focused artificial intelligence solution provider and ask them to streamline your business operations. After investing in AI software and tools, you will notice that your sales performance is improving, and your customer experience is moving towards the upgrade.


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