Waterproof Your Home this Rainy Season with These 10 Preventive Measures

Rain can host some of the most magical moments in our lives. It can serve as an instrument of reconnection between loved ones. It can pave the way for a new book adventure. Or it can simply present an opportunity to rest. Rain is essentially nature’s way of telling us to slow down and reassess our lives. When classes and work are suspended due to rainstorms, we can stay home all day and enjoy warm moments by ourselves or with our loved ones. Those are some of the most beautiful things about rain.

Nonetheless, staying at home during rainy season isn’t always ideal, especially if your house is not properly armed to withstand a heavy downpour. A leaky ceiling and a slippery balcony are all it takes to ruin what could otherwise be a relaxing day. To make the most of a rainy day, follow these rainy season preparations to weatherproof your house or condo.

  1. Fortify from the inside.


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Increase your level of preparedness during rainy seasons by strengthening the interior of your house or condo. Check the ceiling and the walls for signs of leakage. Usually, water rings, mold, and discolored patches are the unmistakable culprits. Pay attention to wooden structures as well. The summer heat may have caused them to shrink and develop leak points. Make sure to seal all holes and repair all damages before the rain pours. Ask a professional for help if necessary.

  1. Add protective layers to external walls.


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Constant exposure to the elements will speed up the deterioration of your house or condo’s external walls. When moisture builds up in the walls, cracks will form, rendering the vertical structure of your house weaker. To save yourself from inconveniences and expenses, invest in strong exterior walls from the onset. Make sure that they can survive the harshest of weather conditions. Ask for expert advice on this one.

  1. Waterproof the balcony.


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The balcony is one of the most special areas in the house. It is where you take your guests to breathe in the city air or the rustic breeze. Balconies are a very popular architectural design, that’s why even condos like Alea Residences and other DMCI projects always incorporate this feature into their buildings.

During rainy seasons, however, the balcony is more exposed to the elements, making it less romantic. When rainwater fills the balcony, chances of slip-and-fall accidents become higher. One wrong step and you’ll find yourself sprawled across the floor with broken bones. To prevent accidents like this, you should equip your balcony floor with fine membranes that have good water absorption. You can also use a water-resistant foil to cover it.

  1. Invest on a portable power generator.

power generator

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Ravaging rainstorms can sometimes cause power outages, so if you live in an area that is always visited by typhoons, you should start investing on a power generator now. There’s so much you can’t do without electricity, so good luck trying to get by everyday if you don’t have one. It simply is hard. However, if you’re enjoying condo living, you don’t have to worry about running out of power. Most condominiums have their own generators that immediately kick in when the power goes out.

  1. Double your door and window sealants.


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Dry weather can cause the glazing compound in doors and windows to shrink and peel off. As a result, rainwater seeps through the corners and makes its way into the house. When rain gets indoors, it’s never a pretty sight. So as part of home preparation for the rainy season, when you see that something is off, seal it immediately or call the attention of a home improvement specialist.

  1. Exterminate ants and destroy their nests.

window 2

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Ants are notorious during the rainy season. They love to show up in your doorstep when the weather is wet and cold. As part of home cleaning for the rainy season, make sure to exterminate ants from your house. You don’t want these little creatures forming a line in your kitchen wall while you’re preparing soup.

  1. Keep an emergency preparedness kit.

preparedness kit

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If you live in an area where there is a high likelihood of flooding, better keep sandbags and plastic sheeting to keep the interior of your home dry. It’s always a smart move to have a contingency plan when an emergency comes up. Prepare potable water and non-perishable food, too. Other materials like flashlight, mosquito repellent, dry cell, and emergency mobile phone should also be in your kit.

  1. Throw away stagnant water

stagnant water

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For your rainy season cleanup, don’t forget to throw away the water that has stagnated in different areas of your house. Check the bathroom and the balcony for puddles of water. Check the potted plants, too. As soon as the rain stops, throw all stagnant water away to avoid creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  1. Secure all furniture and electrical appliances.


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During emergencies, you need to follow basic safety measures like securing all electrical appliances when there’s a possibility of flood. Make sure that all sockets are properly covered. Take all important furniture upstairs if you’re expecting water invasion.

  1. Cover air vents.

air vents

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Sometimes, rainwater can find its way into your house through the air vents. To prevent water from entering through the vents, seal them inside and out with a thick plastic sheeting. This should prevent water from seeping into your house.

Nothing can ruin the magic of a rainy day if you address the tell-tale signs of trouble promptly and efficiently. If you enjoy the trickling of the rain or love preparing for emergencies, following these tips will help make the coming rainy season a more enjoyable experience. Prepping your home can also be considered bonding time with your loved ones. It can be the perfect activity to reconnect with your family, significant other, and even your pets. There’s a famous adage that goes, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” If you’re all prepped up for the rainy season, what could possibly go wrong?


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