Planning A Successful Business Trip to Washington DC

If you’re planning a business trip to Washington DC, you probably won’t have much time to enjoy the city as you’d like. If you’ve seen a few of the museums and monuments, you might think you need not explore any further. While business travel doesn’t always equate to sightseeing, the city is filled with historic monuments and memorials that are easy to see.

Planning A Successful Business Trip to Washington DC 1

You can squeeze in some quick trips in between your travels. One of the best ways to enjoy your free time is to do a world crawl down H Street. Or, you can check out Newseum’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photos. While you’re at Union Street, you can grab something to eat at the food hall. It’s one of the best places to grab a beer with your colleagues and play corn hole.

Of course, there are plenty of hotels near the White House if that’s your thing. The Grand Hyatt Washington has everything that you need to plan a successful business trip. It’s walking distance to neighborhood restaurants and the Metro Center train station. You can check out all that DC has to offer from this hotel.

Unfortunately, a business trip only sounds like fun in theory. To realize a well-rounded business trip, you have to become more organized. Before your next business trip to Washington DC, check out these five planning tips to make sure yours is a success.

Come Prepared

When traveling for a business trip, it’s important to be prepared before you land in Washington, DC. Create a map or route from the airport or train station to the hotel. Can you take public transportation, or will you drive to the resort? If you’re planning to drive, make sure to get clear directions. Sometimes GPS and navigational apps won’t work as well in a new location where your cell phone service isn’t reliable.

Consider the gadgets and devices you’ll need to make sure your business trip is a successful one. Keep all of your chargers and energy packs on you throughout the duration of your trip. Otherwise, you’ll have to hunt around for a public charging station, which is not fun.

Pack all of your necessities and essentials into your carry-on bag unless it’s a long business trip. This way, you won’t worry about the airline losing your bag. This could save time lost from trying to get your bag back.

Dress the Part

Whether you’re traveling alone or with colleagues, you shouldn’t wear dress pants. Wear something that’s comfortable but appropriate. Find out the sleeping arrangements before you arrive. If you’re sharing a room with your co-worker, don’t forget a few pairs of shorts or pajamas so you can dress and sleep comfortably.

Plan for Downtime

One of the biggest mistakes that business travelers make is to assume they’ll be working around the clock. Unless you’re traveling from the West Coast, you won’t have a considerable time zone change that you’ll have to adjust to. Lighten your workload for the day that you arrive. Schedule your arrival on a Sunday or a day before your business meeting. This gives you time to relax and rest before work starts.

Don’t Forget About Apps

Technology has provided travelers with so many apps that makes traveling easier. Some apps have individual travel routes and times. They can tell if how long each trip will take and how much it will cost. Some may even give you the price of ride-sharing services and bus fares.

If your business trip is longer than expected, use an app like HotelTonight to help you book a room for a longer period of time. This mobile app helps you find hotels near the White House if you want to check it out during your downtime. Since you’re booking these rooms last-minute, you can get a great deal.

Have Fun — But Not Too Much

You should take the time to enjoy yourself on your business trip. A packed schedule won’t allow you to visit the White House or check out a new restaurant, so don’t overbook your appointments. You can use your business trip to enjoy some downtime with your colleagues as well. There’s nothing wrong with doing a group activity or planning dinner so you can get to know each other better.

You may even form friendships out of it. Of course, you shouldn’t get carried away since these are still work-related events. Keep your activities professional as well. A dinner at a nice restaurant is better than a dive bar.

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