Join the BusinessCoach‘s business and livelihood training courses this May 2013

Food Business
Starting a Meat Shop May 16
Catering Business May 4
Canteen Concessionaire May 25
Starting a Restaurant May 18
Starting a Coffee Shop May 6
Starting a Food Cart May 7

Events Business
Balloon and Party Needs Business May 30
Balloon and Party Needs Business (Advanced) May 15
Wedding Planner May 30
Events Management May 10

Health and Wellness
Starting a Drugstore Business May 24
Starting a Spa Business May 23

Money Business
Money Changer Business May 10
Pawnshop Business May 11
Micro-Lending Business May 29
Stock Market 101 May 22

Real Estate
Property Rental May 14
Buy and Sell Real Estate Properties May 7
Building and Property Management May 25
Real Estate Marketing May 21

Arts and Crafts
Starting a Flower Shop May 9
Beaded Jewelry Making May 3

Starting a Printing Press May 16
Manpower Services May 18
Starting a Travel Agency May 6/ May 20
Laundry Shop Business May 24
Water Refilling Business May 23
Junkshop and Scrap Trading May 4
Starting a Corporate Giveaways and Souvenir Items May 20
Starting a Silkscreen Business May 2
Starting a Preschool Center May 28
Starting a Petshop Business May 6
Starting a Tutorial Center May 30

Human Resource Management and Training
Human Resource Management May 27
Leadership Training May 14
Competitive Selling Training May 9
Personality Development May 15
Basic Supervisory Skills May 18
How to Implement 5S May 20
Training the Trainers May 28
Computing Salary May 25
Business Writing May 8
Project Management May 3
How to Close a Sale May 29
Customer Service May 21
Negotiation and Assertiveness Training May 31
Salary Structure May 3
Advanced Supervisory Skills May 4
Presentation Skills Training May 7
Conducting Interviews, Recruitment and Selection Process May 11
Records and Filing Management May 14
Training for Receptionists May 16
How to Make a Newsletter May 15

Purchasing Management May 10
Warehouse and Inventory Management May 17
Kaizen Training May 6
Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport May 11
Supply Chain Management May 23-24

Business Process
Internet Marketing May 8
Bookkeeping and Basic Accounting for Non-Accountant May 21-22
Business Taxation May 8-9
Collection Management May 27
Internal Control and Auditing May 31
Financial Statement Analysis May 17
Plan and Start a Business May 22
Current Good Manufacturing Practices May 27

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