Create Ripples around you with Chrome for Men by Azzaro

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Chrome for men by Azzaro is one of the best selling perfume ranges by Loris Azzaro. The fragrance is dominated by citrus aroma created especially for men.

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Chrome for men by Azzaro is one of the best selling perfume ranges by Loris Azzaro. The fragrance is dominated by citrus aroma created especially for men. The Chrome for men by Azzaro was launched in 1996, after that it has become of the best selling product of the company. All three notes of this cologne are very attractive and have a seductive smell with a dash of freshness. Top notes consist of neroli, pineapple, lemon, rosemary and bergamot. While the heart notes have jasmine, coriander, oakmoss and cyclamen. Last but not the least base notes consist of cardamom, Tonka beans, oakmoss, musk, Brazilian rosewood and sandalwood. You can enjoy so many fragrances in this single product.

It is the signature fragrance by Loris Azzaro, the world famous designer from France. He is well-known in the fashion industry, and now for his exclusive and outstanding collection of fragrances. Loris Azzaro derived inspiration from sun and sea combination of his childhood in Tunisia while creating Chrome for men by Azzaro.

Each and every bottle of this cologne is packed with freshness and cooling effect made especially for men. As soon as you apply it to yourself, you would feel as if wisp of the sea has come upon you combined with lush woods fragrance, and ending this roller-coaster experience with a hint of refreshing tea. The masculine appeal with a feeling of freshness and smoothness is very rare to find in any other brand of fragrance.

Let’s have a quick recap about the creator of this fragrance range ‘Loris Azzaro. Italian by birth and born in Tunisia his entire life was inspired with Mediterranean culture which is depicted by enjoying simple pleasures of nature like the sun and the sea. Blue is his favorite color which is the color of pure sea, he used this color in Chrome for men by Azzaro.

His company produces fragrances for both men and women, but Chrome for men is considered as his signature fragrance. He has established his name in the world of fashion and fragrances known for its quality and uniqueness. As we have discussed above ‘Blue’ is the favorite color of Loris Azzaro with strong inspiration from the blue color of the sea, the Chrome bottle is made from beautiful transparent glass filled with steel-blue color cologne. This color is about purity of nature unlike the sea. Silver Chevron top of the bottle derives its inspiration from horsewoman with the poise of grace and brilliance.

<a TARGET=\\\"_blank\\\" href=\\\"http://www.perfumexy.com/Azzaro/men-cologne/CHROME-by-Azzaro/Id/1343/2\\\">Chrome for Men by Azzaro</a> is liked by women and find it extremely attractive due to its relaxing and smooth scent. So what are you waiting to purchase your Chrome bottle now to create everlasting impression and feel-good feelings.

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