Foodcart Business

Price: PHP 25,000


Buko Twister Php25,000.00

With Cart
With Heavy Duty Equipment
With Uniform
With Business Guide
With Free Delivery of products
With Free Franchise Seminar
With Free Crew Training
With Management Support
2 pitcher
1 measuring cups
20pcs 330ml pet bottles
20pcs 350ml pet bottles
10pcs 500ml pet bottles
5pcs 1 liter pet bottles
3 liters of syrup
1 pack of bending straw ( 100pcs, )

1 valid I.D.
2×2 picture

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchise Procedure
Fill out Franchise Application Form
Bring 1 valid I.D. and 2×2 picture
Pay Franchising Fee ( Cash, Dated Cheque, or Bank Payment )
Attend Business Orientation & Training
Submit a location sketch for your business
Contract signing ( 3 years contract, renewable )
Wait for the cart to release then operate.

Franchise earning opportunities
Franchise profitability is highly depend on where he/she locate his/her cart,
we don\\’t give an exact amount on how you earn since we don’t know yet the market of your chosen locations, but base in our franchisee\\’s experience in their locations, some earns Php1,500.00, Php2,000.00, Php3,000.00 – Php 5,000.00 per day. The Gross margin is estimated at 50% – 60% average mark up.

What are the shelf life of the product?
The shelf life of the product if it is frozen will be 3 to 6 months depending on your products.

How many days before our foodcart will release?
If you don’t have a location the releasing of your foodcart will be 1 to 2 weeks But if you already have a location, we can rush the releasing of your foodcart within 5 business days to 1 week.

What is the schedule of the franchise seminar and crew training?
The schedule for the franchise seminar and crew training is every Saturday at 10am to 12nn,

How many times we are going to attend the seminar?
Our Seminar & training schedule is every Saturday at 10am to 12nn that will take 3 hrs only, so it depends on you

Contact us:

Look For Mr. Ben Solas Only
Franchise Business Consultant
Email Us: ben_jlfoodcart@yahoo.com

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