Smell Fresh and Mysterious with Red for men by Lacoste

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Description – Lacoste is renowned name globally in for fashionable clothes and fragrance range.

Lacoste is renowned name globally in for fashionable clothes and fragrance range. Both men and women range of fragrances from Lacoste has gained applaud from the masses. Especially the men’s range of perfumes and cologne has been an instant hit when it comes to show-off masculine strength with hints of luxury. ‘Red for men by Lacoste’ is an instant hit among women which spells seductive appeal and sophistication. Energizing, sweet, mysterious, fresh, sophisticated, elegant and powerful are some adjectives that can describe the qualities of Red for men by Lacoste. Once applied in the morning, it keeps you fresh and feeling good the entire day.

Red for men by Lacoste is a strong aromatic perfume range which was launched in 2004. Annick Menardo was the person behind the creation of this fragrance. The top note is dominated by green apple, followed by pine tree in the middle note and ending it with Vetiver and patchouli in the base note.

Lacoste which is a well-known name in apparel industry was successful in all their fragrance collection. Red for men by Lacoste is for men who loves to live life king-size and is not faint at heart. Maintaining an air of mystery you get the exotic freshness feel with this cologne.

If love being the center of attraction and getting noticed by people, then Red for men is the right cologne for you. <a TARGET=\\\\\\\"_blank\\\\\\\" href=\\\\\\\"http://www.perfumexy.com/Lacoste/men-cologne/LACOSTE-RED-STYLE-IN-PLAY-by-Lacoste/Id/3729/2\\\\\\\">Red for Men by Lacoste</a> is known to be favorite among males who love to live life with confidence and style.

If you want to feel modern, youthful and spontaneous than Red for men also known as ‘Style in Play’ is the right choice. Unlike its name the bottle is in transparent red color which gives you a sight of class and elegance on the first look itself.

Lacoste has introduced total 5 items in men’s cologne collection, with every product being a hit among its users. Lacoste Essential, Lacoste Elegance, Lacoste Red, Lacoste Challenge and Lacoste Pour Homme are the names of its cologne collection for men. If you like to get attention from the opposite sex, then Red for men is for you. Women love its smell which is a unique combination of quality materials with seductive appeal.

It suits men of all ages for casual and sporty outings, you can wear it almost any time of the day but it\\\\\\’s more recommendable for casual outings than formal events. You get the best results when used during warm and moist climate.

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