Top 5 Beautiful Boudoir Interior Designs for Salons

A visit to a hair salon should be comfortable and fun. It should be both spacious and cosy. No-one wants to feel as though they have stepped onto a hair cutting production line in a bleak, office like space.

Adee Phelan

Adee Phelan’s salon in London’s Covent Garden brings together the concept of a boutique hotel and a loft apartment. The aim is to have a universal appeal, a necessary tactic in one of London’s most prestigious districts.

Clients walking into the reception area are greeted by a huge chandelier giving an immediate sumptuous impression. As they wait for their stylist they can relax on some original beauty furniture; a huge sofa. Except that this is no normal sofa; it’s a sawn off half of a bed. There are no boring shelves and trolleys in this salon. The styling station is an enormous grand piano, painted in a high gloss pink. There’s a classical and modern touch to the lighting in the salon as mannequins pose as the light installations.


There’s a new experience to hair and beauty treatments at the Surgery Hairdressing Salon in Dungannon, County Tyrone. The salon is divided into three areas. Each has its own colour scheme and atmosphere. White walls and white gloss flooring enhance the natural light that pours into the ground floor. One of the walls has a black ivy pattern on the white wallpaper. Red chairs provide a splash of colour. Warmer stone-coloured shades on the wall dominate the hair spa in the basement. A suspended ceiling gives a cosy feeling to the room. The third area, also in the basement, is a VIP section. In true boudoir style, there are pink walls, gilded frame mirrors and standing chandelier floor lights.

Charlotte Murray

Visit North London sophistication at the Charlotte Murray salon in Muswell Hill. The style is a combination of Gothic, – with sleek black floors and exposed brickwork – and decadent Bohemian plum coloured walls. It has the feeling of a cosy boutique with quirky lighting and cupboards, in a luxurious amount of space. The property used to be a furnishing store. The Victorian shop front remains.

Queen Bee

The Queen Bee salon in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire puts together modern and vintage with a splash of colour. The aim is to give clients a feeling of relaxation and escape from the pressure of daily life. The hair cutting area has bright lighting, vintage mirrors and black and gold flowered wallpaper to provide a vibrant atmosphere. It’s more relaxed in the beauty zones with large gilt vintage mirrors and a bar that looks like a dressing table.


The 3Thirty salon in East London combines homeliness with elegance. The cutting areas have a feeling of opulence with bright chandeliers and bands of gold and black as the colour scheme. There is dimmable lighting in the backwash and waiting areas to offer a feeling of relaxation. The gold and black colour scheme continues. There’s a grand French sofa that is upholstered in black and with a gilded frame. The reception desk has a smooth black granite worktop.

By: Sophie Banat

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