How to Customize Your Photo with Mixbook for the Ultimate Christmas Photo Card

Creating your family Christmas photo cards is one of the highlights for the holidays. You have the freedom to tailor your card to suit your taste and liking. Here are some practical tips on how you can achieve a beautiful photo card.

Getting the best photo card goes beyond the photo. It’s not just about plastering a picture on your photo card. It also translates to having perfect angles, lights, mood, and even the background.

Choose Your Orientation

Mixbook gives you the freedom to customize several aspects to suit your liking. Choosing your photo orientation is no exemption.

Landscape Orientation

Choosing a landscape picture for your photo card means you and your family have a beautiful capture from the vast natural surroundings. Therefore, you fit seamlessly into the film, with a beautiful background.

Portrait Orientation

Mostly, the portrait orientation captures close-up photos of your family. As a result, it is easy to pick out your personality from the picture. If you have a newborn whom you want to make a grand appearance in the family photo card, this option will suffice.

Square Orientation

The orientation takes form in the shape of a square. Irrespective of the size of the photo card you prefer, everyone can fit in with ease.

You Have Several Styles to Choose

Variety is the spice of life, and Mixbook spruces up your photo card choices.

Full Photo

You can opt to have full photos of every member of the family. What does this mean for you? You don’t cut out anyone from the picture. Additionally, everyone is seen clearly from head to toe.

Whimsical Look

Christmas is a time to have fun and make amazing memories. If you are cheeky and playful, a whimsical photo card is one that you will love. You can bring out your dreamy personality by the use of soft colors to bring out the inner child in you. You can also include a feature that brings out memories of your childhood to create the look.

Try out Vintage 

A common saying is that old is gold. You can mimic activities that were happening in a different century for a vintage look. Mixbook allows you to play around with features to achieve an old photo. For instance, try incorporating aspects of the 18th century into the 20th century. You end up with a beautiful picture that can also look fabulous on the holiday photo card.

Classic Look is a Win

You can also ooze sophistication and high standards in achieving beautiful photos for your holiday card. Try the Mixbook classic look photo and unblock the possibilities of so much more. You can also use purple, a color that speaks of royalty and class.

Modern Look

Incorporate anything modern into your final look for one all the best family holiday photo cards. For instance, you can have a full-bleed photo that highlights every aspect and background in the picture without framing.

Another fancy look that you can play around with is cropping the right image that doesn’t have a pleasant environment.

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