How to Make Mushroom Burger

mushroom burger pattyMushroom burger is a healthy alternative to your typical burger which many people will also love. Research showed that mushrooms are high in minerals such as potassium which helps to reduce the risk of stroke and is also a contributor to lowering high blood pressure, and copper which contributes to cardio health. Mushrooms are also a source of riboflavin, niacin, and the antioxidant selenium.

And with health and wellness becoming the goal of more and more people, you can make a good business making mushroom burgers right in your own home. For this project, you will be making mushroom burgers by incorporating mushroom into pork meat.

To begin, prepare the following ingredients:

Meat material: (note: prices may not reflect actual market prices)
Pork, lean and finely ground, 500g (P160/kg)
Mushroom, ground, 500g (P150/kg)

For the curing mix:
Salt, refined, 15g (P10/500g)
Phosphate, 5g (P30/500g)
Water, 60g

TVP, 18g, (P40/500g)
Qualicel, 10g (P30/100g)
Versagel, 50g (P30/100g)

Sugar, refined, 15g (P35/kg)
Black pepper, ground, 5g (P40/100g)
Garlic, chopped, 24g (P32.25/500g)
Meat enhancer, 1g (P25/100g)
Onion, chopped finely, 109g (P46.98/500g)
Celery powder, 0.75g (P35/100g)
Hamburger seasoning, 5g (P30/100g)
Milk or whey powder, 15g (P15/100g)
Egg, fresh medium, 1pc (P61.50/12pcs)
Bread crumbs, 56g (P29/150g)
Potato starch, 26g (P15/100g)
Beef aroma, 1.5cc. (P50/60cc)
Meaty ginisa, 1.5g (P50/60cc)
BF blend, 3g (P30/100g)

Packaging material:
Paperlyne plastic, 63pcs (P35/150pcs)
Styropor, 12 pcs (P0.75/pc)

Weigh the needed ingredients and grind the meat and mushroom finely. (You may also use beef lean or chicken as meat material for the burger.) Dissolve the salt and phosphate in 60g of water (about 1/4 cup). Put the ground meat and mushroom in a metal bowl and add the dissolved salt and phosphate mixture. Wear plastic gloves, then mix the ingredients by hand using inward strokes until they become tacky. Set aside.

Combine the extenders—the TVP, qualicel, and versagel—in a metal bowl and dissolve them in water. Use 1 and 1/4 cups of water if you’re using pork or chicken as meat material, or 1 and 1/2 cups of water for beef. Mix well. When everything is completely dissolved, add the extenders to the mushroom and meat mixture. Mix by hand using inward strokes until they become tacky.

In a separate metal bowl, mix the following seasonings: refined sugar, ground black pepper, chopped garlic, meat enhancer, finely chopped onion, celery powder, hamburger seasoning, BF blend (to prevent shrinkage), and milk or whey powder. You may also add beef aroma and meaty ginisa to enhance the smell of your mixture. Add the seasonings to the mushroom and meat. Mix by hand until they become tacky. Then add for last the potato starch, bread crumbs, and egg. Chill the mixture for 1 to 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Afterwards, form the patties. Weigh each patty and form it by covering it with plastic paperlynes and by using the hamburger molder and potato masher. Remove the extra plastic paperlyne, then fold the sides of the remaining paperlyne to seal the patty. One kilo of patty will make around 38 pieces when formed into 50-gram sizes, around 63 pieces when formed into 30-gram sizes. In terms of weight, one kilo of patty will yield 1.9 kilograms of burgers. Store the patties in the freezer before packing them in microwavable plastic containers.

Some reminders:

Make sure to buy your raw materials and ingredients from reliable sources. If you are buying meat from the public market, do so not later than 12 noon so you can be sure that the meat is fresh.

You can use either fresh or dried mushrooms that are readily available in supermarkets.

To make the burgers juicier, you can use back fat of pork or beef.

You might also want to try Mini Mushroom-Parsley Patties– “When preparing, you will find that this makes more of a batter than a firm burger-like consistency, so they should definitely be made on the stove top, lest you risk dropping the entire batch through the slats of your grill!” Recipe found in one frugal foodie.

Where to go for training and supplies:

Ultima Entrepinoy Forum Center
Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines Bldg.
#107 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City
Tel: (02) 411-1349; (02) 742-0826
Mobiles: 0917-9229694; 0920-8577215
E-mail: lulu_sfmh@yahoo.com
Website: www.spicesandfoodmix.com

Source: Entrepreneur.com.ph. Sept 2009 Photo: onefrugalfoodie.com

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