5 Platforms That Make Starting Your Own Business Easier

Starting a business is a lot of work and takes a lot of dedication and time out of your day-to-day schedule. Many try to start a business by taking steps completely on their own without consulting assistance or without using tools. Thankfully, however, there are five platforms with business tools that can help you to start your business and make it successful. Each has its own specialty as well so that you do not have to stress or worry about anything on your own. Continue reading below for more information on each of these platforms that can help with your new business idea.

Starting Your Own Business Easier

1. Uplyft

Uplyft is a great platform for business financing so that you can have the income that you need. The platform even offers quick business loans in that you can receive a decision on your application within the same day that you submit it. Any software you utilize through Uplyft, however, is customized to your business’ specific needs to make the entire process go as smoothly as possible. All financial information can be found in one central location within your portal on the platform too so that you do not have to search multiple tabs to find what you need.

2. Wix

Wix is a great piece of software for individuals who have a business that requires a website. There are multiple templates to browse through at the start of the creation of your website. You can search these templates as well in order to find one that meets your industry standards, or you can start from scratch. Wix also offers built-in widgets to assist you in scheduling, collecting payments, and posting blogs, for instance. It is an all-inclusive platform for any business owner to run the online portion of their business through.

3. Trello

No matter what business type you run, you will have some type of project management to keep up with. It can be overwhelming to keep track of all of your business projects and to keep them organized in a way that you can monitor progress. Project management software such as Trello allows you to create boards and lists for each individual project that your company is working on. It also allows for collaboration among all team members so that anyone can do their duties on the project as assigned for the company. There are even automated features to increase productivity, including alerts for filling in your calendar and creating due dates.

4. Slack

Slack is another great piece of software for teamwork and collaboration at your business. It allows you to communicate with your team or with investors in your business without waiting for an email response or phone call back. You can call via the platform and share information such as files through the platform. Slack is also able to sync with other business tools in order to place all information in one cohesive area. Responses and communications are completed right away so that there is no wasted time on productivity.

5. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is an all-inclusive business platform that can truly help you to grow. The Workspace includes email features, calendar features, a cloud folder where you can collaborate, documentation features, and even communication features. Google does offer artificial intelligence features in order to assist you in determining what you need for your business as well so that you are left in confusion. Workspace even allows you and your team members to work on your business projects offline if you do not have internet access. You are always able to get your work done and help your business grow when utilizing this software.

Final thoughts

It can be difficult and overwhelming to start a business, which is why it is so important to use all of the tools available to you. The five platforms listed above are just a few of the many business platforms that can help you and your business grow together. Each has its own features as well, though all are based on a sense of collaboration and ease of use. You will feel much more organized and efficient when you utilize one of these programs that are available to you, even if it simply means getting same-day approval for a business loan.

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