6 Great Ways to Customize a Marketing Strategy to Your Personal Brand

When it comes to business, great branding can be an incredibly valuable asset, allowing you to gain more exposure, and build trust and loyalty among your consumers. But unlike a company or corporation, personal branding is aimed at shaping the perception of an individual in the eyes of their audience. It entails building a good reputation, creating the ideal image of yourself, as well as marketing yourself as a person, which is why it might be even more crucial. To that end, here are some efficient ways you might be able to customize a marketing strategy to your personal brand in an effort to create the ideal voice and image:

1. Take control of your performance

Unfortunately, simply having a unique story or a brilliant idea won’t be enough to achieve success in the modern world. The key is, in fact, having full control of your exposure, image, and performance, three important aspects that need to work in conjunction for brand success. While exposure means ensuring people know who you are and what you sell, the image represents the reputation of your brand, and performance depicts how well your brand is succeeding. As all three aspects are necessary for an optimal outcome, make sure you deliver top content and results, while increasing your brand awareness.

2. Create an authentic brand image

In an effort to construct the right brand image, you will need to create a compelling and authentic story that will appeal to your audience. Begin by outlining the purpose and the ultimate goals of your brand and include at least five core principles your brand stands for, as personal brands are incredibly value-driven. Apart from focusing on the essential design elements such as logos, fonts, and colors, it would also be wise to mention the benefits of your brand and the reasonings to support your claims, as well as special aspects that set you apart from the competition, thus easily creating a unique selling point in a competitive market.

3. Invest in a personalized website

Regardless of your business niche, the goal of every personal brand is to sell an individual, their unique story, and personal experiences, which is why your website needs to be customized as well. To achieve this, start by selecting the right domain. For instance, you could opt for the great .me domain for your custom website. Not only is this the most personal choice, but it’s also a trusted and SEO-friendly domain that represents the ideal call to action. After the domain is chosen, continue by focusing on your content, making sure that it’s as unique, interesting, and engaging as possible, in an effort to attract and retain a loyal audience.

4. Reassess your current standing

Once you’ve created a personal image and the right story you’d like to tell, it might be time to look at the image you’re conveying today. For example, you can google yourself and see what shows up first. In case the represented image is far from the one you’d like to convey, or if you’re not showing up at all, it might be time to invest in SEO efforts. Similarly, you can also review your social media platforms and try to view them from your audience’s perspective. If your profiles are filled with content that is too private and personal, now’s the perfect time to clean them up, or even set them to private while creating separate social media accounts for your brand persona.

5. Share your brand’s unique story

When you know how you appear to the world, you can start bringing your story to life. Apart from a personal website, social media platforms are another great option for maximizing your exposure. For instance, you can create a LinkedIn profile with a professional photo where you could write an eye-catching headline and a compelling summary, and list out your past experiences and unique skills. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also be good places for sharing your brand story in the ‘Bio’ or ‘About’ sections, while also giving you the opportunity to connect with your audience. No matter which platform you choose, just remember to be engaging and use a consistent brand voice throughout.

6. Increase your online presence

Simply updating your social media profiles and sharing your story won’t be enough; you need to engage your audience as well if you want to make real connections. A great way to achieve this is simply by being active on your social media platforms, posting unique and relevant content regularly, as well as interacting with other people’s content, while ensuring your activity is consistent with your brand’s messages and values. Here, you will also have the opportunity to meet new potential business contacts and stay in touch with old ones as well, presenting a wonderful networking opportunity.

Whether you’re looking to generate business or improve your career, building a successful personal brand can often be difficult to achieve. However, simply by customizing a marketing strategy and utilizing the helpful advice mentioned above, the payoff will surely be boundless.

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