Blank Yard Signs: Best Investment to Advertise Your Business

Have you just started a grocery store in the community and looking forward to a cheap and effective mode of advertisement? While competing with the other stores, you need to tell people how you are different than the rest and what better than a yard sign to convey your feelings. The yard sign creates a nostalgic essence and a perfect mode o advertisement to boost your small business.

Using yard signs effectively

The yard sign is the next best thing to use after banners, whether it is for advertising your grocery store or promoting a personal event. Typically, these signs stick to the ground and generate curiosity among the passersby. While the message you create may generate interest, the appeal of the yard signs also determines its impact. Even if your store is yet to come up, investing in a lank yard sign gives you the freedom to use it later.

Read the points below to understand the significance of a blank yard sign.

  • Exposure of the store

You are about to begin a grocery store and the yard signs generate responses from the customers. These signs are also applicable when you decide to change the location of the store.  You can fix these signs in different areas of yards at a visible distance from the main road to create maximum impact.

  • Use contrasting shades on both sides

To boost the impact of advertisement, you can focus on both sides of the yard sign so that it is visible from both sides of the road. Blending dark and light colors in alternating patterns is a good strategy.

  • Using arrows

People viewing the yard signs do not like to spend time thinking about finding the exact location of the grocery store.  Therefore, using arrows help the passersby decide the best location. If your grocery store is yet to start its operation, investing in blank yard signs allow you to use it for a later purpose.

  • Simplicity is the key

The sign needs to include a simple message within two lines. While the first line includes information about the store, the next line needs to contain the address and the phone number of the store.

  • Not for branding

The yard sign is not a means of advertisement that focuses on branding but tells people the location of the store. You need to stock to the specific information to inform people about the grocery store to be. If possible, you can highlight the best-selling product in easy-to-read fonts so that the readers may feel the necessity of visiting the store.

  • Leaving white space

Just because you have a blank yard sign does not mean that you need to cover it up with as much information as possible. Typically, you need to leave a lot of white space between the messages to highlight the information.

If you are looking for a cheap advertisement solution to highlight the opening of your grocery store, using a yard sign can best fit your needs. You can select a blank yard sign with stands and use it for advertisement of the store a few weeks before the opening for the best outcome.

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