Brian C. Jensen Explains the Top Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers

When it comes to your salon business, tried and tested marketing ideas work, but you need to improve on them to attract new clients. Whether you have just set up your business or have a salon that’s been operating for some years, these new marketing tactics will work for you. There is no harm in brushing up on the basics while implementing marketing strategies to ensure that your prospective clients have a good impression of your salon.

According to an article published on https://edition.cnn.com, nail salons and barbershops are now using creative ideas to make more money. Adapting is key to the success of your salon in this age of stiff competition. Below are some of the best salon marketing ideas to gain new customers.

Brian C. Jensen – Your website matters

With all the different forms of marketing, including podcasts and videos, you often forget about your salon website. Your web page is the first thing that prospective clients see when searching for your beauty salon’s services. To help customers become aware of your brand, you should make sure your website has the right brand color, design, logo, fonts, and business theme. The branding should be consistent. When customers see your post on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, they should instantly recognize your brand based on your website design.

Tell your salon’s story through the ‘about us’ page and use appropriate images. Explain about your salon, its services, and what inspired you to venture into this business. Brian C. Jensen knows that customers like to hear brand stories and therefore, recommends that you publish your business’s narrative.

Make the most out of social media

Leverage social media platforms such as Instagram, a visual site, to take your salon business to the next level. Show off by posting stunning images and videos related to your business on Instagram to attract new clients to your salon. You can also utilize Instagram’s story tool to highlight your salon services. Be aware of the content you publish and the kind of filters you use. Choose your brand colors carefully and try to remain consistent.

When it comes to Facebook, use paid ads or carousels to increase your likes and comments. Facebook is now focusing on paid marketing and videos so the reach of organic posts is dipping.

Email marketing and social reviews

Reap the benefits of email marketing and social media reviews to attract new clients to your salon. Did you know that 22 percent of all subscribers open emails? These individuals are not casual Facebook users who like or share posts. These are your potential clients, who will open emails and read what you have to say about your salon services.

Social reviews matter just as much. When a happy client mentions that your pedicure services are excellent and post it on Facebook as a review, you can expect new clients to inquire about your services.


Promote your salon business using these ideas. Make sure to do your branding right and reach out to a large audience base through social media, online content, and videos.

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