Go Social in Spreading Guest Blogging Message

If you are running a business, what are you doing when it comes to promoting your brand?

Some business owners do a tremendous job of promoting their brands, while others take a much lesser aggressive effort to do the same. If you find yourself in the former, congratulations. In the case of those in the latter, you definitely have some work to do moving forward in 2016.

In order to properly promote your brand, you need to do a combination of tactics that will put your company in the spotlight. Yes, some of it involves spending money, but other means do not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Your Blog Helps Sell Your Brand

So that you can get as much brand recognition as possible, keep the following ideas in mind:

  • Know your audience – Whether you hire a guest blogging expert or experts or do the blog writing on your own, knowing your audience is critical. If you run an auto insurance company, your posts are not going to be of much interest to people who do not drive for whatever the reason may be. Make sure you do some demographic research before deciding what route to take with your blog posts;
  • Guest blogging – You may or may not have the time to regularly tend to your company’s blog, so why not have others do it for you? If you turn to a company or even individual who can handle guest blogging needs for your brand, all the better. With a guest blogging service, you can sit back and focus your efforts on other needed tasks, leaving the blog posting to others. For those who do the guest blogging, they have the opportunity to write on a variety of blog sites or specialize in a few areas. Either way, it oftentimes is a win-win situation for both parties;
  • Become socially active – There are some business owners who turn their noses up at social media, figuring they don’t have the time and/or funds to spend on it. To quickly discount either of those matters, note that social media does not take a great deal of time to master and deploy. Secondly, you can do social media for free for the most part. While you may need to pay someone (in-house or outside the company) to handle your social networking needs, social media by and large is not costly. What is costly is not utilizing all that social networking can do for your business;
  • Review and tweak – Finally, make sure you take the time on occasion to review and make changes when needed to your blogging strategy. It can be very easy to fall into a “comfort zone” when having a business blog, so don’t assume all is well. Listen to the feedback you get from readers. Also be sure to cover topics that are both relevant and timely to the needs of readers.


If your company is not blogging these days, 2016 is a great time to get in the game.


About the Author: Dave Thomas covers marketing topics on the web.

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