How Much Does It Cost to Hire Trade Show Models for Your Business Promos?

There are many confusions business decision makers have on hiring trade show models, which is not only a trendy but rewarding affair now. The primary questions people have in mind are:

  • Is it necessary to hire a trade show model?
  • What are the particulars of payment while hiring a good trade show model?

There may be different offers and packages by trade show staffing companies, and it may not be that easy for a newbie hirer to understand it fully. So, before signing up with any service, let’s look into these minute details to take an insightful decision.

How is the cost of hiring a mode calculated?

Many variables are coming in to picture while determining the cost of hiring of a trade show mode. There are various types of trade shows, and the models require various skill-sets including public speaking and presentation, etc. Sometimes, the need may be for models who are multilingual and some other times; you may require someone with in-depth knowledge of your industry and products. These are the primary factors to consider deciding the cost of hiring a trade show promo model.

#1. There are many types of trade show models possessing diverse experience level and skills. You cannot pay the entry level recruit the same as of the CEO, right? The same thing applies to trade show models too. If you want to hire a seasoned model to act with end-to-end sales capacity too, then the rate may be higher than someone who cams simply greet the visitors and guide them to the sales executives.

#2. Location of the trade show is also crucial. The cost of hiring Trade show models Las Vegas TSM Agency may differ from the New York City models, Las Vegas promo models, or the Chicago City trade show models.

#3. Timing and seasons of the trade show also affect the rate of the trade show models. For lean time shows, you may get the service of trade show models at a price far lesser than that of the peak seasons. Costs may be higher at holidays and also the weekend time. The cost also may vary based on the popularity of the show and expected number of footfalls into the flow.

Considering all the above facts, you can see that it is not easy to identify any standard measures of flat rates in terms of hiring a trade show model. However, you can ask for some tangible parameters like:

  • An estimated range of daily cost based on the category of the show models.
  • Level of experience of the model.
  • The duties of the model and skills required for it.

Trade show staffing services used to give a quote based on the client requirement over the above there characteristics. Based on an analysis of various trade show model staffing costs of the tier-1 cities of the United States, on an average, hiring a baseline trade show models may cost roughly about $250-$500 per day. Those with demonstration skills too may charge about $450-$600 per day. Spokesmodels rate may be around $500-$1000 per day. Try to get multiple quotes by specifying your requirements and then choose the best among them for your purpose.

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