Lessons When Building Your Own Business Team

They say that the workforce is the most important aspect of any business endeavor; this is the reason why many companies have annual team building activities, Christmas parties, good compensation packages, benefits, etc. for their employees to minimize the retrenchment ratio.

This is the reason why the Human Resource Department must find qualified individuals to make up the “business dream team” of any company. In looking for the right people, the HR Department must take a look at these mindsets to ensure that the company has the best people.

Look for People with the Right Training

Each year, hundreds of pesos are wasted because businesses do not find the right person to train; instead, they invest on employees with short-term goals (especially in the case of BPO’s) which more often than not, whose career goals are often askew with that of the company.

It’s nice to hire fresh graduates so that you can mold their business and career ideologies and at the same time, you will get more from your investment. In looking for the right people, one must look beyond the applicant’s experience; the HR Department must also see if he is determined to learn and focus on tasks.

Put Together a Strong Team

What many companies do not realize is that success is cannot be driven by a single person; and although it pays to have a stellar talent within the team, the overall performance is still based from the culmination of everyone’s talent and skill.

One must look beyond an applicant’s resume or interview if they want to have a successful team within their company. You have to make sure that everyone will jive to work harmoniously as a team.

Always Choose Quality versus Quantity

A five-man team that works together is better than a 12-man team that isn’t performing. In achieving this goal, do not rush to fill the number need; but take your time to screen the applicants thoroughly. Look for people that will most likely stay in your company for a long time instead for those that just want to gain experience.

Surround yourself with Talented People

And talent does not only pertain to the employee’s ability to reach the monthly sales quota or acquire new clients. Do not be afraid to hire people that have candor, wits and is not afraid of conflict because from these micro settings, good ideas will bloom.


Cory Josue is a Digital Marketing Officer for Servcorp Manila, the biggest provider of serviced office in the Philippines. She graduated with a Degree in Communication Arts from the Philippine Women’s University and likes to read and travel in her spare time.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hi, thanks for an interesting post. You’ve told that employer had to “look for people that will most likely stay in the company for a long time instead for those that just want to gain experience.” Do you think it’s possible to figure out what intentions people have?

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