Starting a Refrigerator Magnets Business

Refrigerator magnets are great crafts projects because you can work with any theme. If you’re targeting sports fans, make magnets out of sports team logos or athletic gear; if your buyer is a foodie, make a magnet out of a mini-chopping board; if it’s Christmas, make Christmas tree magnets. The list is endless. You can tie-up with companies or party organizers to sell them as giveaways.

These are so easy to make, you can even get your kids to help. The best kind would be a themed magnet that comes with a clip or clamp so that it will be functional as well as decorative.

Start-up capital is P450 for 2 dozen magnets. Time to finish is 30 minutes.

Materials Needed:

* Magnet, P20 for a small piece (available at bookstores)
* Theme or background material
* Clothespin, clip or clamp
* Scissors
* Glue
* Decorations

Getting Started

1. First, decide on a theme or background for your magnet, like a Christmas tree or a favorite type of food.
2. You may either make your own background (by drawing it on a paper or on a computer) or cut it out.
3. Carefully glue the background on anything sturdy, like cardboard.
4. Spruce up your theme with additional color, sparkles, feathers, glitter, etc., or draw in additional details with markers.
5. Glue your finished theme onto a clothespin, clip or clamp.
6. Cut a piece of self-sticking magnet and attach it to the other side of the clothespin, or use glue to attach a regular magnet. Your ref magnet is now ready to hold notes, artwork, etc.
You may omit the clamp and put the magnet directly on the back of your themed cutouts, but then it makes the ref magnet less functional.

How Much Will You Make

To obtain your selling price, add a 30% to 50% markup on the total production cost. Try to sell in bulk so that you earn by volume.

source: www.entrepreneur.com.ph, photos by Ocs Alvarez, thechildmindingshop.co.uk

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