Power of The Nepali Rudraksha

There are plenty of individuals among Hindus who wear prayer beads due to their religious faiths. One such type of beads is known as Rudraksha, and it is commonly referred to as Nepali Rudraksha. It is covered with a blue shell from the outside when ripe, because of which they are also termed blueberry seeds.

Nepali Rudraksha

How is the Nepali Rudraksha helpful? 

  1. It is responsible for lowering blood pressure and for calming the nervous system
  2. People in different age groups, irrespective of gender, can buy original Nepali Rudraksha
  3. It makes a person very agile and alert
  4. support and stability to anyone on the move
  5. Provides protection from negative energies
  6. Helps to address skin irritations
  7. Highly useful for concentration during meditation or prayers
  8. Children using them can increase focus
  9. Helps attain purity in life
  10. Ascertains whether food or water is pure enough to be consumed or not

A garland of the Rudraksha must have 108 beads strung into it, along with one more bead for the bindu.

Buy from a genuine website

While surfing on the Internet, one is likely to come across a wide variety of websites, each claiming to sell Nepali Rudraksha of the highest quality. However, one has to be wary of all these sites and purchase only from the reputed and genuine ones. More information on the sites which sell original Nepali Rudraksha can be obtained either from known contacts or from popular websites. One may be able to check whether the Rudrakshas have been verified in the lab for genuineness or not.

Why is the Nepali Rudraksha called so?

The best type of Rudraksha is known to be grown in Nepal, although these trees are also found in India. Not only is it used in astrology, but also in Ayurveda. Among all the Rudraksha trees, the ones that grow in Dingla region of Nepal are said to be the best. In India, Rudrakshas are found in Haridwar, Bihar, and Assam. The Indian variety has a natural hole since it is manually drilled, which is considered inauspicious. This is also one of the reasons why the Nepali variety is preferred.

Health benefits of Rudrakshas

More than 90% of individuals in today’s times suffer from one ailment or the other, which is largely due to modern lifestyles. Such health problems have no longer remained age specific, which wasn’t the case 20 years ago. Delving deeper into these problems indicates that lack of harmony among mind, body, and soul is the most common reason for such issues. India’s ancient texts clearly highlight the power of the Rudraksha for curing these problems.

Scientifically proven benefits are as follows:

  1. Magnetic – The beads behave like a magnet due to the property of Dynamic Polarity. It is able to clear all the blockages and interferences in the body and makes blood flow smoothly. By getting rid of pain and waste from the body, they have an anti ageing effect.
  2. Anti inflammatory- Rudraksha beads possess both anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. Drinking water soaked in them helps build resistance against different diseases. The beads are also excellent sources of Vitamin C.        
  3. Personality shaping- Personality traits such as self confidence, patience, and intelligence are commonly admired by most. Those who are able to showcase such traits are bestowed with excellent control in the brain. All those who can control the body and mind are strong. Rudraksha beads of a particular face behaves like a personality shaper and enables its wearer to send out the desired positive brain signals.
  4. Dielectric- The beads have dielectric properties, which mean they are able to store bad or excess energy. Being stressed out tends to create problems in the body, and unless the energy here is not burned, it leads to anxiety, hypertension, and other issues. Rudraksha beads are able to stabilize this excessive energy.

Mukhis in Rudraksha

The ruling deity for Rudrakshas is Lord Shiva and the ruling planet is the sun. Mukhi is the term for face and one mukhi Rudraksha is understood to be very rare. Bestowed with tremendous power, it is expensive and is found in two shapes- moon and round. The wearer of this is blessed not just by Shiva, but by Mahalakshmi as well. Similarly, two mukhi Rudraksha represents Ardhnareeshwar, which is a combined image of Shiva and Parvati.

There is no restriction on who should wear one mukhi or ek mukhi Rudraksha. In fact, any person who believes in the benefits of wearing Rudraksha would be able to use it. Apart from this, It can be worn if planet sun is combust, weak, or affected by any other malefic planet.

Is it worn in sleep?

Most people have a fear of breaking it, which is why it not worn in sleep. Keeping Rudraksha beneath pillows is believed to bring about spiritual peace and prevent bad dreams.  

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