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A Penny Stock with a 10% Dividend Yield

With outlook for yield from bonds continuing to remain low for many years, investors are looking for investments that can provide income in uncertain times. While many investors look to large firms, I think that some select penny stocks might be able to offer an attractive dividend yield that is...


Making Money in Philippine Real Estate

With the real estate industry now booming, many people are eager to enter this business to get their share of the gold rush. Real estate is such a huge industry that there are a lot ways to make a profit, however, not all of them is suitable to everyone. You...


Real Estate 101 – How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is one of the greatest methods today for generating wealth. It’s a practice where persistence is key. And anyone can do it with even a limited amount of money. The real challenge is getting started. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Continue reading and we’ll...


Lamudi Virtual Reality Real Estate Expo

Discover a brand new dimension of Philippine real estate with virtual reality MANILA, 23 August, 2016: Property portal Lamudi Philippines is proud to stage the country’s first ever Virtual Reality Real Estate Expo (VR Expo), and showcase the most impressive properties from top local developers in a brand new way. The VR Expo...


Investment Options for Young Professionals

After going through four (or more) years of college and finally getting a job, it’s now time to be financially responsible and think of ways to build your wealth. Saving portions of your hard-earned salary is good enough but if you’re a brave young soul who is willing to take...


Finance for Real Estate

Investing in property of various types is a lucrative business. You can get returns on the same by way of rent or second sale. It is especially useful in times of need; during emergencies, etc. You can invest in real estate even with a modest budget. There are a few...