5 Advantages of Using a Smartwatch

A vast majority of people wear a watch mainly because of its functional ability (telling the time). Others wear it as an additional fashion statement. However, due to the innovation of smartphones, watches are starting to become less popular.

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As we all know, a smartphone has a clock, a calendar, and even an alarm. Now, who needs to wear a watch? This is somehow a valid and true statement that explains a decrease of sales in watches these past few years.

But, smartwatches show they can offer something a bit different. Apart from offering the standard features, they also do things that are not available from smartphones. You’ll get to know these features as you read along.

Check out its top 4 advantages below.

1. Looking for Your Phone or Keys is Easier 

Losing your phone or keys is completely a frustrating thing to happen. Especially when it happens before an important event you can’t be late for. Really hassle, isn’t it? 

Thanks to smartwatches, such inconvenience can be addressed easily! They have a “Find Phone” feature wherein you can link your phone or any gadget. It will then ring and notify you through your smartwatch. Therefore, whenever you lost your phone, simply press some buttons on your watch to trace it in an instant.           

5 Advantages of Using a Smartwatch 1

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3. Can be Your Ideal Fitness Tracker 

A lot of smartwatches have a great fitness tracking feature. It guarantees to help you with your fitness plan. So, instead of having a pedometer or any fitness tracker, why not use your smartwatch instead? It’s super convenient. 

So how does a smartwatch tracking feature works? Basically, it can count calories, distance, steps, heart rate, pulse rate, and even calculate other essential fitness metrics

There are even smartwatches made mainly for this purpose. With up-to-date features that can surely monitor your health condition. 

4. Instant Reply to Messages and Calls 

It’s a bit of a hassle when you need to answer calls or reply to messages while you’re in the middle of your exercise or doing something else. However, with a smartphone on your wrist, you can do so readily. 

There are even smartwatches with voice features. Like those on a sci-fi movie where you can communicate with anyone on your wrist regardless of distance. 

However, you just need to remember that this is done on a smaller scale than what a smartphone can do. Hence, interface wise smartwatches can get a bit finicky. Smartwatches can never replace smartphones in this regard, but it’s surely is competent enough to do such stuff when using phones is a bit awkward. 

5. Social Media Access 

It’s pretty amazing if you have access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms right on your wrist, isn’t it? Although this is a feature others will turn off, some find it a “necessity”. 

Some smartwatches will show you social media activities and messages, others will allow interaction with the applications. This is great when you’re out running or doing something where phone access isn’t convenient. However, don’t use this feature primarily as the interface is a little fiddly. 

Also, be extra careful when looking for watches that do this feature. There are tons of manufacturers who claim that their smartwatches are built this way, yet it needs Bluetooth signal from your phone. A real smartwatch is independent, requires a data plan, and a SIM card. Not to mention, it can be pricey, too. 

5 Advantages of Using a Smartwatch 2

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So, you’re somehow convinced now how awesome smartwatches are? If you have never used something like this before, this is a perfect time. If you are a fan of convenience and mobility, then a smartwatch is great for you to stay connected and always on the go. The watch components of any smartwatch are something way better than standard ones can do. A totally different step up from the usual watches people wear. 

If the advantages made you think they are worth it, it is best you need to check which type of smartwatch is suitable for you. The best for one isn’t always perfect for everyone. Also, you need to check the specifications and the Operating System (OS), see if it’s the one you’re looking for. 





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