Online Shopping Tricks for getting the Best Deals

Retailers are smart but let’s show you how to get smarter.

Getting the best deals today is kind of like looking for the holy grail. Some would say it is kind of impossible because retailers are so smart and when you find a way to beat them, they find another to win some money back from you. So, it seems like an endless cycle. But, if you are a dodged shopper and a smart deal hunter, there are some creative ways in which you can get the upper hand when it come to shopping online and thereby getting the best deals for yourself. Let’s try using some of these tricks to score the best deals today.

online shopping tricks
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Leave the items you want to buy in your cart

Do you know what happens next? Well, most online retailers hate unclosed deals and will go all out to retain you. Recall how Amazon regularly sends you emails reminding you about items in your cart and asking you to please complete your order? Guess what? They eventually end up sending you the best deals for those items. Isn’t that great? The catch here is you must have an account with the retailer, leave the items in your cart for a couple of days and make sure you are logged in to your account when you leave the items in your cart.

Sign up to get more coupons from Retailers

Increase your chances of getting the best deals today by signing up to the newsletter of various online stores with multiple email accounts because some stores simply love to send out huge single use coupons to selected different groups of their customers.

Make sure you shop on the right day!

Ever wondered why some items are more expensive on some days as against other days either weekends or weekdays? Truth is that is one of the ways online stores pull one on us. Let’s take for instance Airline tickets. The best days to buy an airline ticket is on Sunday while Mondays have been found out to be the most expensive days to buy one as studies have found. When it comes to discounts and special deals on most items, most stores dish them out on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Thinking of getting a desktop computer or a laptop from major retailers like Hewlett-Packard or Dell? Then Tuesday is the best day for you because these retailers roll out special coupons on Tuesdays. Also, are you home on a Saturday and just want to raise your feet on the couch with a great book? Then shop on Amazon or Barnes and Noble to get great special deals on books on Saturdays.

Find and sign up for Reward Programs

It works by doing certain actions like a paid online survey, you can earn points in exchange for free gift card rewards, and you can redeem bonuses and special discounts for it. For example, Amazon Rewards Visa card with a $50 sign up bonus and 3 points added for each dollar spent when the card is used to make a purchase through your account on Amazon.

Don’t delete or throwaway Expired Coupons

Trust me this is worth giving a shot at. Sales reps want to close as many deals as possible so when you have a coupon that maybe expired a day or some days ago, try calling the store hotline if you want to place an order on the item and still want to use the coupon. This trick might not always work but it is worth trying out. Also, we all ignore the live chat option when we visit an online retail store right? Well, I am here to tell you not ignore them any longer. Reason is, most chat support can in some cases issue special promo codes that you wouldn’t ordinarily find on the website. So, just politely ask questions about the product you want to purchase and watch them convince you to buy it by offering you a great deal on it.

Make use of Price-drop Refunds

Have you ever had the experience where you purchased an item today and tomorrow there is a drop-in price of same item? Then fret not. Most stores have a price drop refund policy. For example, Amazon issues a refund when you notify them within a certain number of calendar days from when the item is delivered. So, shoppers remember to check the price drop refund policy of each online retailer you use. There are also some credit cards that go with price protection.

What retailers call Dynamic Pricing and how to Outwit it

Do you know that different prices are given to shoppers at different locations? Yes, this is wat dynamic pricing is all about. It involves showing different prices to different customers according to their different locations, spending patterns, current demand for the product and browsing patterns. Want to outsmart them? Then do the following; Log out of your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, email) before you log on to their sites, clear your browsing history and cookies, always make use of localized website versions.

Try and use a Comparison Check

Find a browser add-on that helps you check different similar websites for their prices and how each one compares to the other. This will help you in avoiding overpaying and achieving your goal of scoring the best deals available.

The holy grail of best deals has been discovered. No more paying high prices for items we could get cheaper if we just waited or shopped on the right day. Creativity is the name of the game and we are here to play it to win. As much as we love our online retail store for the ease of shopping and delivery, the wide range of options they offer us, we want all these and more at the cheapest prices available and these above listed tricks are just what we need to make out dreams happen.

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