Tips For Organising A Successful Business Event

A successful business event will help improve your company’s profile, it will impact positively on your employees and help build your network of like-minded businesspeople. Getting the event right however is where the hard work comes in. Creating a buzz of excitement around your big event really will help and below are our top tips on organising a business event that is bound to be a success.

Venue First

Choosing the right surroundings for your event will convey the message you want to get across to your guests. A venue which offers intimacy as well as a corporate twist will show you to be a business who understands that everyone is an individual, with points to be made, yet the business is what brings you all together.

At the Royal Scots Club our conference facilities not only offer intimacy, your delegates can enjoy the stunning styling of our building and appreciate the history that comes with it.

Atmosphere of Champions

The space you choose is the most important choice but second comes the atmosphere you create. The space could be perfect but unless you create the right balanced atmosphere things will fall flat. Setting up the venue in the way you need is something any good venue hire company should allow with no trouble and you should be able to arrange a setup which helps create the type of atmosphere you’re looking for.

An informal event may involve grouped tables rather than a large, meeting style layout and if corporate dining is included then it makes sense to ensure you approve of the dining area as well as your chosen rooms for the event.

It’s all in the planning

Another way to lead your event to failure is not to plan properly. Full and proper planning is key to organising events of any size and setting out objectives before you even begin is essential. Keep things such as your budget and your key objectives in mind at all times to ensure you keep within your own guidelines. A comprehensive to-do list will be your best friend as you plan.

Add some spark

Who says conferences and business events have to be stuffy and formal? Think about your business and its image, think about exactly what you’re trying to project from your event and transfer that to the event environment. If you’re a modern digital agency your delegates won’t want to be formally squeezed into a conference room and lectured at for 4 hours.

Instead, you may want to encourage workshop style seminars, audience participation and personality. The more of you that you can show the better this will appeal to your guests, as long as you pull it off right of course. If you’re worried about your presenting style consider getting some influential guest speakers to come along.

When it’s all over

Your event is not over when it’s over. Closing the door as the last delegate leaves is not the end. Publicity, PR and advertising can be significantly boosted with a good write-up and it’s a good idea to review your event plan ASAP afterwards – just to see what you’d change next time. A follow-up e-mail to attendees, even just to say thanks for coming, will go down really well too.

Ayesha Longley works for the Royal Scots Club, which offers hotel accomodation, wedding and conference venue in Edinburgh’s city centre. You can read more about the Royal Scots Club on www.royalscotsclub.com

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