Dermal Fillers For The Features Of Your Visage

Over the last decade or so, the advancements in medical and cosmetic technology have been astounding. The procedures available have become safer, more precise, longer lasting, and provide a greater variety of options to choose from.

Dermal Fillers

When it comes to cosmetic adjustments or enhancements of the face, facial skin, and neck, there are different procedures and techniques available. Having a reliable, skilled professional from a certified derma facility like Avellina Aesthetics is the best way to figure out what type of treatment will best suit your goals. So, make an appointment for a consultation with us. We are committed to treating each client as the unique individual you are and we aim to create a personalized treatment plan with your health, comfortability, and best interests in mind.

While some procedures (such as facials, botox, or facelifts) sound more familiar to some, there are now more treatment options available such as micro-needling, thread lifts, and dermal filler implants. Read on to learn more about dermal fillers, and, as always, make an appointment with a specialist to determine whether this safe, effective procedure is right for your particular goals.

What are Dermal Fillers?

According to (and approved by) the FDA, facial fillers are also known as “soft-tissue fillers” or “wrinkle fillers”. They are safe, reliable medical-grade cosmetic implants that are used to smooth, emphasize, tighten, and volumize particular areas of the facial region. Dermal fillers “fill in” the parts of your face you want to revitalize. Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder. Now, it’s in the filler under your skin.

The procedure of dermal filler implants is fairly straightforward, similar to what you would expect from a botox treatment Philadelphia. A very fine, specially designed needle is shallowly inserted into the subcutaneous skin tissue layer, depositing a safe, FDA approved “filler” substance. There are a few to choose from and your specialist will help you decide which is best.

Avellina Aesthetics is a one-stop destination for Dermal Fillers Philadelphia and other skin rejuvenation procedures. Every client receives an attentive consultation to understand their goals, address any health concerns, discuss options, and develop a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan.

With all the advancements in medical technology and new cosmetic procedure options available, there’s no need to keep wrinkles from wrinkling your goals.

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