Affordable Business coin Operated Charging Station

posted by gopinoyfranchise | Distributors Offered | P7500.00 | 0 post Coin Operated Self Service Cellphone Charging station Advantage over existing coin charger in the market. – accept all kind of peso coin, while currently coin charger accept 1 type of coin only. – has 1 coin slot that cover two charging station, currently in the market has 1 coin slot every… [ Affordable Business coin Operated Charging Station ]

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3 Responses

  1. Diana Razonable says:

    Hi. I’m interested. Please email me. thanks.

  2. Aurelia Eltagonde says:

    Pls give us contact number. We are interested in charging machine. Thank you.

    • Rhona Lynn Bagalihog says:

      Hi Mam,
      I am offering coin operated charging station.
      Please see specs bellow.

      Dual Coin Operated Cellphone Charging Station

      High Quality 10 in 1 USB
      Adjustable Time Setting
      CPU Coin Acceptor
      Automatic Fan Control
      With Fuse Protection
      5V USB Port For USB Power Gadget
      AC 220V Outlet For 220V Charger
      3 Digital Timer With Sounds
      4 Soft Selector button

      You may contact me at (0975 036 4498)

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