Fascinating and funny ideas for decorating a kids birthday party

Organizing a beautiful and fun birthday for your kid can itself become fun! Garlands, led lanterns and candles, ribbons, flowers, flags, large superhero figures, versatile number balloons like these https://balloons.online/mylar-foil-balloons/number-balloons/, gallery walls — looks like you’ve got into a fairy tale!

kids birthday party

Use these interesting creative ideas for decorating a child’s birthday to make this special day one of the most memorable events in his life!

1. Balloons

Even though balloon figures are the most popular option for a children’s birthday, balloons have many other interesting uses:

  • festive table decoration: you can place a small box with a gift on each plate and tie a helium balloon to it;
  • huge number balloons can easily become the centerpiece of the party;
  • panels and arches are the best way to decorate the entire wall or room entrance;
  • helium balloons with child’s photos, printed on them become is another creative idea you can use to draw attention;
  • a large “surprise balloon” (up to 60”), hanging from the ceiling, that can be filled with smaller balloons, sweets, confetti, streamers, rose petals, small toys, fortune cookies, lottery tickets;
  • balloons with helium can be tied to heavy objects and placed around the room;
  • fabric hammock: stretch it under the ceiling, place some balloons of different colors and sizes on top of it. Then, just  remove the hammock and surprise everyone with the balloon waterfall;
  • led balloons are a good idea for the evening party: it looks interesting and dramatic;
  • attach the helium balloons to the festive table and the dining area zone will immediately stand out against the overall background!

2. Photo zone

It’s a must-have for any birthday! These are both fun memories and a great way to engage kids in play.

You can create it using beautiful fabric, flower garlands, latex balloons, you can even order a huge banner with the image of your child’s favorite hero!

3. Paper decorations

It’s quite easy to make them with your own hands; nevertheless, they look very impressive and immediately transform the interior! Check out these options:

  • pom-poms made of corrugated paper, decorated with fabric ribbons;
  • paper flowers: attach them to walls and ceilings, curtains, furniture, and table;
  • garlands: such a simple and effective decoration! Create a custom garland using candies and marshmallows and a transparent string;
  • umbrellas: you can use such composition in decorating your photo zone, hang it over a table or in a play area.

4. Photo collage

It’s a very interesting decoration idea that is relevant at any age.

Just pick up a beautiful canvas, a good frame, and the most lovely photos of your child in different years (the most significant moments of his life), then attach the photos to the canvas with the help of pins.

5. Table decorations

Try keeping the balance when decorating the table: if you choose a bright tablecloth, opt for dishes of neutral colors, or pick up catchy accessories for a plain tablecloth.

To decorate the table, use fresh flowers or paper stars, balloons, bows, and funny cards with the names of guests.

Edible decorations are always in demand: sweets, cookies, cupcakes, fruits with chocolate icing, decorated salads, cakes, and pastries immediately draw the attention!

6. “Arranging” the kid’s dream

It can be difficult for parents to constantly find fresh and relevant ideas for decorating a child’s birthday. 

But don’t take too much upon yourself and always remember: no matter what decorations you choose, the main thing is to make your child smile. Therefore, do not be nervous and enjoy the process!

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