4 Things you should know when buying commercial real estate insurance

Insurance is as important as the house you own or would love to own soon. Buying commercial real estate insurance should come in as part of your budget and should be a significant consideration before committing to a new house. In general, insurance protects you from many risks that can happen anytime and leave you without a home or anywhere to go.

4 Things you should know when buying commercial real estate insurance 1

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On the other hand, when you buy insurance, the insurer pays you in case of any damages that may happen to your house. Many insurers offer different policies to mitigate any form of liability that may befall you, including insurance for apartment owners.

However, here are some essential things you should know when buying commercial real estate insurance:

  1.    The amount of coverage

When buying insurance for your commercial real estate, you should put into consideration what is the amount of coverage. In case of anything, what is the insurance company going to pay back?

In the case of buildings, you should know if they will build a new house for you or give you part of the amount.

  1.    Actual cash value or replacement value

Insurance policies cover the building and what is inside. This coverage can be actual cash or replacement value depending on terms of the insurance. Replacement value coverage is usually the best as it covers the items in your house on their real value, not depreciated values.

When you base your policy on the actual price of things in the building then in case the insured risk happens the company calculates the depreciated amount of the products and pays you that instead of the market price of these items.

  1.    Open Perils policies

Open perils policies cover all the items in the building even those that you did not name in the plan. At times you may forget one or two things when signing the policy, and if you make a named perils policy, then these items will not be compensated by the insurance.

Although the premiums may be higher than those of the named perils policy this policy will offer better in case of liability.

  1.    Specifics count

Insurance covers are always about the specifics. What are they offering you that no other company is doing for you? Read all the details in the policy, understand it well and ask questions where you do not understand.

Asking questions will go a long way to helping you make a final decision and not regret it in case anything happens. Shop around different insurance companies and compare what they have to offer you to make an informed decision.


We all think, at times, that taking an insurance policy on our lives or property is a waste of time and valuable money.

When tragedy strikes, that is when we come to realize the need of the premiums that we have been paying as the insurance companies spend more than you have been contributing in premiums.

Do not wait to lose your hard earned money in case your building goes up in flames or suffers any other tragedy. Take up an insurance policy and have peace of mind wherever you go.

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