7 Recommended Investment for Newbie Investors

Saving is crucial. People should ideally save at least five percent of their after tax salary. Deciding where to invest funds is an important question all people need to answer. For those who have never invested funds, as the people at Sunshine Coast Buyers Advocate know, it is imperative to look at options that are right for them at this stage in life. Good investment vehicles at this point in time are easy to understand, carry low risks and make it possible for the investor to earn the profit they have in mind.

Buying a Home

Buying a home is an important first step in life. Buying a home not only gives people a place to live. It also serves as an investment that can help them accumulate equity. Paying a mortgage instead of renting has many fiscal benefits. This is a good place to put your capital. Look for homes that appeal right now. It’s also important to look for homes that are likely to have resale value.

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

Many people have retirement accounts. An employer might choose to sponsor their own workplace plan for the employee. Taking advantage of this process is easier than ever. In many cases, all the employee has to do is sign a few forms. The employer will automatically deduct the funds from the employee’s pay. This form of savings and investment means the employee doesn’t see the money in their account. This can help people stick to a budget. An employee who can stick to a budget is an employee who is likely to further watch their nest egg grow over time without additional effort on their part.

Government Bonds

Governments all over the world issue bonds for a wide variety of reasons. People can buy these bonds. These bonds are perfect for newbie investors. As they are backed by governments, this means the odds are they will be paid back complete with interest. The bonds can also be purchased for a small fee. In many instances, the bonds can also be purchased in relatively small increments. There’s no need to save up a lot of money just to invest. People can invest in bonds each week as part of their overall savings plan.

Index Funds

Index funds are designed for the investor who doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about their choice of investment. The aim of the index fund is to mirror the performance of the market over time. As such, they are a good choice for the investor who has never done any investing before. The index funds are also a passive choice where there aren’t any real fees that can eat into the investor’s overall profits. Many brokerage firms allow people to invest in the funds without the need to tie up a lot of capital and essentially put all their eggs in one basket.

Modern Investment Apps

Apps of all kinds have been developed with the express purpose of providing people with investment opportunities. Many require only a minimal investment fee in order to open and keep an account in place over time. In turn, the investor gets access to many kinds of investment possibilities often at little risk to their capital.

No Load Mutual Funds

No load mutual funds are similar to many other forms of low risk marketing investment. They offer the possibility of steady capital gains that the person can rely on over time. Leaving capital in a no load mutual fund allows the investor to relax knowing they have the capital in a safe investment vehicle that is unlikely to lose any money.

Rental Properties

People who have extra capital lying around and know the housing market can consider investing in rental properties. Those who work in the construction industry or have any kind of prior home ownership can tap into their existing skills and apply them to other properties. Updating an existing home can offer a nice place that renters are likely to find appealing. A person can also update a home. Then they can turn it over to a new buyer for a profit.

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