International Money Transfer Made Simple And Easy

Today is a market of international commerce and international boundaries have less meaning that they used to. The exception of course is in law and currency exchange. There are fewer boundaries left in different law practices because of the use of the internet and the sheer weight of international relations and business taking place. Similarly with currencies, the internet has made it easier for businesses to move money from one country to another, without having to rely on a middle man.

Whatever currency you need to pay your invoices in, you can now set up an online account and get the best foreign exchange rates from hifx.co.uk, a company that offers online international money payments for individuals and business users alike.

HiFX has a turnover of more than £9 billion in foreign exchange transactions each year, so is able to pass great rates onto its customers, offering great exchange rates, especially in comparison to traditional foreign exchange brokers and the banks.

The service is offered to businesses that move £1million or less of foreign currency a year. Clients benefit from the foreign exchange company from www.hifx.co.uk to fix target rates and receive email alerts when their target rates are hit, allowing them to make their trading deal at the most beneficial time. As all you need to get onto your HiFX account is internet access, people can make trades at any time from any location.

Companies and individuals alike can made trades between £50 and £300,000 at the touch of a button, making it really simple to pay overseas staff or suppliers, to settle invoices and receive payments. Quotes come through in real time and you can make a trade in under a minute.

Conducting business in other currencies is made a lot easier through the use of a HiFX account.

By: Lorena Benchis

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