How to Make Dried Squid

Dried SquidDried squid or Bulad Pusit is made from cleaned fresh squids which are then sun-dried. Follow the procedures below on how to make dried squid (pusit).

Dried Squid Processing1


Squid and Salt


1. Sort out the squid according to size (small, medium, and large) small size ranges from 25-30 cm long, medium size ranges from 31-35 cm, and large from 36-40 cm.

2. Manually clean the squid thoroughly by removing the eyes, skin, mouth, and fins using salt or tap water.

3. Slit open the underneath portion of the squid entrails.

4. Sun dry cleaned squid inside out from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm using a dryer made a bamboo mat known as capping.

5. Collect the sun-dried then air-dry for an hour under the shade.

6. Sun-dry the squid again from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

7. Collect the squid late in the afternoon when the temperature is low to prevent the squid from sticking to dryer.

8. Sun-dry squids the following day, this time outside out.

9. Flatten the body and tentacles of the squid by spreading some oil and rolling a bottle over it.

10. Weigh the squid and pack by kilogram.

11. Lay flat inside a prepared box ready for transport.

Processed by: Balite2 SEA-K Women Association, Brgy. Balite, Sagay, Camiguin. Tel No.: 09177561218

Processing of dried squid (Ichiban dried squid)2

a. Preparation
Fresh squid are cut longitudinally in the center of the abdomen. The head is cut in the center and the organs and eyes are removed. The fins, skin, soft shell and beak remain.

b. Washing
The prepared squid is first washed in seawater to remove contaminants, which adhere, and it is then washed in fresh water to remove the salt.

c. Drying-shaping
There are various drying methods, including suspension drying and skewer drying, but hanging drying is usually employed. Ropes are stretched and the prepared, washed squid are hung in places with good exposure to sunlight. The arms are separated and extended to facilitate drying. The squid are left on the ropes at night, since air circulation is good even then.

The squid are removed from the rope the next day, extended and shaped. The squid are then spread on a straw mat with their backs upward, and they are dried in the sun. They are inverted during drying to continue the process and packed in boxes with a plastic layer at night. The next day, they are removed and again extended and shaped. They are stretched on straw mats until sufficiently dried.

Dried Squid Making – Video

Sources: 1DA-BFAR– CDO ,2foodmarketexchange.com

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