11 Tips to Grow User Experience of Your Market Blog

If your market blog fails to deliver expected results and revenue, then maybe it’s time to make some changes on your website. Changing the site’s structure and present elements can enhance the user experience. With better UX, customers can get information more easily and take the necessary action.

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Therefore, consider adjusting the following elements to improve the user experience.

Fast loading times

According to Statisticbrain.com the attention span of an average person is only 8 seconds, and just 28% of the content is read on a standard website. Besides, having in mind that visitors usually leave sites after 10 or 20 seconds, fast loading speed is essential if you don’t want to risk and play with the patience of your potential clients. Therefore, make sure all your pages load quickly and optimize the graphics to provide a pleasant browsing experience.

Be mobile friendly and responsive

Smartphones allow people to get their job done quickly and efficiently, so it’s not surprising that they have become a preference. So, it’s crucial to adapt your website to fit the needs of these new tendencies. This means it should be mobile friendly and easy to navigate on every device. Check if your site is adapted for mobile devices using this tool if you don’t want to get penalized by Google.

Decrease the number of website pages

Convenience and efficiency are the factors that visitors appreciate the most regarding the site’s UX. Hence, having a dozen pages for every piece of content is not efficient, especially when somebody looks for basic initial information. Simplify the website structure by eliminating redundant tabs and including relevant CTA that leads a customer to the desired action.

11 Tips to Grow User Experience of Your Market Blog 1

Use images carefully

It’s recommended to use high-quality images, so people usually pick some generic stock photos. However, these pictures have been seen on millions of other sites, so they don’t contribute to your unique voice. Therefore, if you want to connect with your customers and establish trust, replace stock photography with relevant real images and increase confidence and conversion.

Don’t forget to include headings

Kate Johanson, a professional writer from BestEssayTips, shares her expertise: “Headings are essential elements of every good website. They guide the visitors through web pages, allowing straightforward navigation and finding the information they need. To make that path easier write headings that stand out in color and size. Besides, placing the relevant keywords in the titles helps to attract the right audience.”

Write engaging CTAs

Call-to-Action buttons have a significant influence on your click-through rate. If you want to increase conversion, you should take some time to test out different CTAs and see which one performs the best. Play with various font options, colors, and graphics to realize which change will have the biggest impact. Also, try to place CTA closer to the top of the web page for better performance.

Eliminate 404 errors

The best way to drive your clients away is to lead them to a 404 error page. Data shows that 74% of visitors who bump into a broken page will instantly leave the site. To prevent that, make sure you monitor your external and internal links with appropriate tools to see which one is broken and fix it.

Use bullet points to segment important information

Bullet points allow the visitors to scan the text easily and find the information they need, such as features of your product or services, their benefits or ways they can solve their problems, all in no time. Add some beautiful icons or images to help the readers understand your message additionally. That way, you’ll also make your propositions more appealing.

Take advantage of white space

White space is a necessary element of a good design. It makes the content more readable, but also it draws visitor’s attention to the particular part of the text. Besides, white space makes your site look fresh, open, and modern. Therefore, make sure you provide white space around titles and text to deliver your message more efficiently.

Perform A/B testing

A great UX isn’t built overnight; it requires constant improvement and to do that you need to test and experiment a lot. Performing A/B tests is an excellent way to determine which changes work the best. Even some small adjustments can have an enormous impact on conversion rates. For this reason, test different ideas regularly and improve UX to its perfection.

Conduct site audits

With new trends emerging frequently, there is always room for your website improvements. So, make sure you conduct regular site audits to ensure your audience is content with their experience. Ask your visitors to rate the functionality through surveys or gather the necessary data with some auditing tool.

Put these suggestions into practice, apply them on your blog and be amazed by achieved results!

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