3 Ways That Social Media Marketing Has Improved In 2019

As the years’ pass, technology keeps on changing, social media keeps on evolving, and peoples’ behaviors keep on changing. If you are a marketer, you need to note the changes in trends to keep up with the pace. Do not try to apply stone-age techniques of marketing in the first changing world; you might end up being a bitter person, full of frustrations. To avoid all that, you need to know ways in which social marketing has improved in the year 2019. Take advantage of the changes to market your products.

social media marketing

1)    From Texting to Visual

Unlike in the other years, social media marketing has taken a notch higher. You no longer need to text you, clients about your products. You can put them in the You-tube, and the clients view from there. You can also put them as You-tube ads. You can create a website where your clients will view. You can also buy and use social signals from a reputable platform like SocialProof.xyz where you will get likes, followers, and content views, making your business look trustworthy. It will help you to reach many people. Once your products trend, many people will want to buy them. It acts as a catalyst for making your website rank high. As you continue trending, many people will use search engines to search for your products. As the search engine increases, it is beneficial to your website.

2)    Live Video

If you have not been using live videos to reach your customers, you need to up your game. Live videos help you to interact with your customers. You will market your products directly through social media, without incurring substantial advertisement costs. You can get immediate feedback that will help you to improve your products. As you interact with your customers, you can know other products that they might need. Live video brings a strong connection between your brand and its followers. The customers become loyal and build trust with your product. The two risks of going live include technical complexities. To avoid frustrations when going live, you should ensure that the product you want to market is of high quality. Do not forget to have excellent and engaging content. It is advisable that whenever a client asks a question or concern about a product, you should create another video and address the issue.

3)    Trust and Transparency Concerning Social Data

There was a concern, in 2018 about the safety of the social data. A firm that specializes in data mining was harvesting personal data on the profile of Facebook users. The firm got the data of around eighty-seven million Facebook users. The users had not given their consent. In the year 2019, the social media platform is encouraging transparency and honesty. You have no right as a marketer to go behind peoples backs collecting information. You need to develop a better strategy for communicating with your customer.

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