6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Quality Transcription

Any business that wishes to be successful is now incorporating audio and video materials into its marketing strategy. Multimedia has gained widespread popularity and is now considered a fundamental aspect of every marketing strategy. Visual and auditory content is more interesting than plain text, and it will grab more attention. This means that as a business owner, you will more likely reach your potential customers with a video or a podcast than a written ad.


To expand your customer base, you must use transcription services. When you add transcripts to your video or audio posts, you will reach more people and gain more followers. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t consider transcription services, thinking that they will be too expensive. But the truth is, these services could save you a lot of money and effort, and add value to your business. Outsourcing transcription services can be less expensive than hiring an in-house transcriber because if you’re not outsourcing, you will not be paying for the tools the team uses, training, benefits, and wages.

Here are 6 ways your business will benefit from transcription services.

  1. Improves SERP Ranking

To be successful, you have to make sure that your pages and website get a lot of visitors, and the way to do that is through search engine optimization (SEO). The higher your ranking on Google and other search engines, the easier your audience will find your site. Transcribing your podcasts or videos will optimize your content for search engines, which in turn, will improve your ranking on their results pages. The search engine’s algorithm doesn’t detect audio or videos without transcripts; it will only detect the title, which is not enough to list your site as one of the top results. On the other hand, if you have transcribed audio and videos, it will automatically boost your search engine results pages (SERP) ranking. However, you will still need to incorporate SEO into other aspects of your marketing strategy to improve your ranking.

  1. Reach International Audience

To expand your reach, you must focus on targeting audiences in other countries as well. It’s the most effective way to get more views and listeners. However, the only way that your podcasts or videos will reach international audiences is through transcription. If you want to target individuals who speak Spanish, you will need to transcribe audio to text in Spanish if the audio is in a different language. This will increase your chances of reaching international audiences without spending a lot of money on ads. However, if you want Spanish transcripts while the audio is in English, you must ensure that the transcriber is fluent in both languages so they can provide you with high-quality transcripts that your target audience will easily understand.

  1. Boosts Link Building Strategy

Transcribing your videos and podcasts is a great way to add links. If you’re promoting your website, you can add the link to your site in the transcripts. That way, it will be easier for people to visit your website, which will increase your views and visitors. With quality transcriptions, you can redirect your audience to any link you want; it could be another site you’re promoting or another podcast. Adding links to the transcribed text will add value to your content and improve your ranking on search engines.

  1. Reach People with Hearing Impairments

When you upload your content, you have to keep in mind that not everyone can hear the audio or video you uploaded. However, transcripts give people with hearing impairment a chance to read and understand your content. This will not only increase your audience, but it will also show that your business is keen on catering to everyone’s needs.

  1. Follow-up References

When you offer valuable information to your users and customers, you’re giving them a reason to come back. Users will return to your site if they feel that they can easily understand and navigate through your content. If a user wants to go back to a certain point in an ebook, podcast, or video it will take a lot of time to do so without transcripts. However, with transcripts, they will easily go back to the parts they want to hear or watch again. Users can scroll down or use the search tool to find certain references. 

  1. Building Archives

Archiving videos and audio material is a lot easier when you add transcripts. When you build a library of all your audio and video content along with their transcripts, you will create an index of your work. If at any point, you want to look up certain information in a video, you can easily do that by searching the transcripts. You will have full transcripts of all your work, and you’ll be able to use them for other purposes as well.

archiving videos

As you can see, transcribing your visual and auditory content provides many benefits for you and your followers. Transcripts make your content more accessible to a wider audience, and that’s what makes a business successful. When people are able to easily navigate through your content and access any reference they need, they will most likely revisit your site and become long-term users. This, by default, will improve your ranking on search engines and boost your business reach and exposure.

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