Shape Up Your Hotel Lobby for Less Money

If you’re looking to make an impact on your guests and encourage them to stay awhile, renovating your hotel lobby is the way to go.

Hotel renovation has become increasingly popular of late, with large brands investing in renovations. A welcoming and well equipped lobby is vital when it comes to keeping up with your competition in the hotel industry.

So what’s going on with renovations these days? And how can you renovate your hotel lobby without breaking the bank?

Hotels Upgrade Lobbies For Greater Customer Appeal

Hotel renovation has seen an upswing of late.

The Preston Robert Tisch Center in New York estimates that hotel upgrades reached a new national high in 2013, with as many as one in five hotels undergoing renovations at any one time.

As the article “How to Renovate Your Hotel Lobby for Less” points out, your hotel lobby deserves attention on account of its being the first impression guests get of your establishment.

The current trend is for lobbies that create social areas for business, relaxing, work, or meeting up with friends or colleagues:

• Loews Hotels & Resorts has renovated its lobbies to make them more contemporary and more accessible for using mobile devices and laptops;

• Mariott Hotels has upgraded some of their locations to create more social spaces and private business booths, with more modern colors and decor;

• Spire Hospitality has created more usable meeting space in their lobbies, in response to requests from their visitors.

Ideas for Hotel Lobby Renovation

Take a good look around your existing lobby.

Is it bright and welcoming or could it use a little more light and a color update? Are there plenty of places to sit and work or relax?

Here are some things to think about if you want to make the most of your lobby:

• Update the surroundings: A fresh lick of paint, new carpets, pictures and fresh flowers can all add ambiance to your lobby;

• Keep it light: Welcome your guests with a well-lit space. Add extra light fittings or switch to brighter bulbs, and consider the effect of your color choices;

• Make it social: Ensure there are plenty of power sockets for working. Invest in comfortable seating to make gathering for business or pleasure enjoyable;

• Open the space: From clearing clutter to opening a pass-through or two in your walls, an open space is more suited to work and play than a closed one.

Saving Money on Your Renovations

Making improvements to your lobby is a worthwhile investment in your hotel, but of course you want to keep your renovations as budget friendly as possible.

Here are some tips to help you do just that:

• Start simple: Sometimes a change of color and some updated wall hangings can make a lot of difference;

• Know when to call an expert: While you’ll need expert help with tasks like rewiring, or removing walls, some minor updates such as painting can be taken on in-house;

• Focus on quality: You are looking for good quality, but that doesn’t have to mean choosing the most expensive options. Look for furniture and fittings that looks professional without carrying top of the range prices;

• Pick a focal point: Whether it’s an artful floral arrangement or a comfy seating area, picking a focal point to start with will help you get renovations under way on a budget;

• Tidy up what’s there: Clean and neaten up reception desks, signs, mats and existing furniture, and clear any clutter while you’re at it;

• Shop around: Whether you’re looking for a local tradesman or a new set of curtains, shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal. For fixtures and fittings, don’t be afraid to look for second hand or upcycled items.

Renovating your hotel lobby doesn’t only give your guests a good first impression; by making it a welcoming place to be, you’re adding a little something extra to their stay with you, helping to ensure guests will want to visit your hotel again and again.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including social media, SEO, hotel renovations and saving money.

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