Top 9 Social Media Trends To Look Out In 2021

All the social media marketing companies and marketers are always worried about the upcoming marketing trends as a simple change in the industry can be drastic changes for the marketing industry. And thus they need to adapt accordingly. So, if you are also a marketers or someone working for a Social Marketing Services company, or even a person who is making business from social media and is worried about the upcoming trends (especially in this times when pandemic has made digital marketing a normal), then here take a look at these Top 9 Social Media Trends that would need your  attention in the near future. Check them and take a note:

Social Media Trends

Instagram Stories And Reels 

Well, this is not surprise as Instagram is home to about more than a billion people. In terms of sheer numbers of people utilizing social media are platforms, Instagram sits at top of all of them. With the banning of Tiktok (in India and U.S.) and the introduction of similar features in face or reels has further added to the attraction of Instagram. Talking from a marketer’s point of view the first question would be, why Instagram stories? Well, many factors contribute to making Instagram stories perfect for advertisement. 

The first of which is the number of views an advertisement can receive in a day is almost equivalent to half a billion (depends upon follower base and brand presence as well) which is a feat in itself.  The other important factor that contributes to this form of advertisement is that these stories are just 15 seconds long. So they are easy to shoot, highly interactive, and most importantly they are catchy and do not bore the viewers unlike the static of full video ads. 

So, in an age where people do not have much time on their hands, short stories are the best form of advertisement for social media platforms.

Making The Right Choice 

What started with Facebook going public in 2012, has now become one of the most successful models of business especially for advertisement purposes. Back in 2011- 2012, there were only a few prominent social media platforms, and Facebook was at the top of them. So this made it easy for advertisers to choose a network. They simply went with the one that has the largest network that is Facebook. 

However, making that choice today is not that easy as we have several social media platforms all of them with their user base and qualities. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, just to name a few. So it becomes most important that you choose the right social media platform for advertising your business. 

Setting Goals 

There are many things you can do with your social media account and just being active on social media platforms is not enough. It is very important that you set your goals for each of the social media accounts you are active on. For instance, you might want to use your Instagram account to advertise new products and services or gain new customers. On the other hand, you would want to use your LinkedIn account to look for the perfect employee to work for you. So, make sure that set your goals before you start doing any marketing campaign on social media platforms. 


The next thing you would want to do is come up with a strategy that could help you achieve your goals. Also, it is important that you strategies differently for different social media platforms and different goals. For instance, like we said the strategy you are using to advertise your product and services on a platform like Instagram won’t work on a platform like LinkedIn, where you might be looking for an employee. Here the format of both the social media platform is different and also your goals don’t align. 

Relevant Content 

Now a lot of us believe that our content just needs to be relevant to our company theme and product. However, it is also vey important to make sure that your content is created while keeping your audience in mind. It is really important that your audience feels relevant to your content. 

Reevaluating Metrics 

The most recent Sprout Social index has stated that most of the companies are reevaluating the basis on which they determine what type of strategies are working for them on social media platforms. 

Target Audience 

The advertising world has become a lot more efficient and it’s getting better and better as we are moving forward. We don’t use static ads banners as we use and we don’t advertise to everyone like to as well. Social media marketing has become a lot more target-oriented. Companies identify their target audience and then run marketing campaigns specifically targeting these selected sections of people. 

Influencer Marketing 

It’s been long since marketers started people with a large influence on others for marketing purposes. It is simply a brilliant model of advertisement and will remain one of the most effective trends in the upcoming years. 

Live Stories 

Live content is on the rise and a lot of marketer and even influencers are using these live events on different platforms for connecting to the audience on a very personal level. 

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