Use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

It was once told by a young environmentalist:

“It is not the well-set or strong of the species that survives, nor the most with sharp minds.but the one that is most responsive to change.”

The lines above were quoted somewhere around two hundred years ago, which is now also most suitable for us in today’s era. If we think about the term ‘change’ as things stand now, the aspects which will appear in our mind would be change in terms of technology, lifestyle, eating habits and countless things but what intrigues us more is the technology part of it, well why? Let’s see.

Artificial Intelligence

According to a normal dictionary,the study of  computer science field with fundamentals and requires human intelligence, such as human perception, speech detection, decisive judgements, and conversion between different languages is called Artificial intelligence.

At a glance this definition is partially true, artificial intelligence not only helps in making crucial decisions but also doing other cognitive tasks which are more vital i.e. learning new things constantly & endlessly, performing surgeries with precision and many other such tasks.

Digital Marketing

E-commerce or E-marketing are the terms which we are aware of much before we’ve heard of intelligence technology. So, basically

 E-commerce is the element of commercialization that uses internet and online based technologies such as PCs, mobile phones and other network devices and platforms to promote products and services.

Online marketing is a versatile platform consisting of some types of it, providing users with different types of incubation processes for advertising. 

AI with E-commerce

From some recent past, marketers and merchants were unsure to apply AI to their marketing strategies. But now, many big and renowned brands have not only initiated but adapted it to the full within their mercantilism tactics.

For example, Amazon, Flipkart, Lenskart etc. they use AI for making your suggestions of products and goods better and more relevant. And by this method it is also proven that the particular person is supposed to repeat the order with the personalized experience and preferences.

So AI ‘with’ E-commerce is more favourable and prominent than AI ‘and’ E-commerce. 

How AI has completely transformed Digital market 

By method of collecting data, analyzing it and then applying it to the respective function,Artificial Intelligence has totally changed the face of  E-commercialism.

But the point here to put notice on is that the intelligence of artificiality’s current state and growth depends on data and it’s consistency, in result of which now big companies assure users about their data secrecy and privacy. Although this data collection and analysis has completely transformed our view to digital data that we used to look at, some years ago.

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