Can Looking for a Surrogate Mother Online be Dangerous?

For whatever reason, whether it’s reproductive medical issues, other health issues or other issues in general, some women just cannot carry a baby but still dream of motherhood and having a baby of their own. This is when a surrogate can be a solution.

A surrogate carries the baby and it is either her own egg fertilized with the father’s sperm, or eggs can be harvested from the mother to be, fertilized and then placed in the surrogate’s uterus.

So that all makes sense, yes? But where do you find a surrogate?

Finding a surrogate online

A good place to start is one of the surrogate sites. These cover a lot of topics and can help with research even before the search begins.

You can find information pertaining to surrogacy laws, gay surrogacy, IVF, pregnancy and more.

Usually there are blogs written from both sides and message boards for members. You can also investigate the reputation of the sites and what the next step should be.

Once you’ve done the research, you can start the search.

Many of these sites have matching pages where you can narrow down the surrogacy search. Members are showcased with short bios including where they live and why they want to be surrogates. You can also find the how to’s of starting the process.

As the following article looks at, Find a surrogate online. What are the risks?

Yes, there are risks involved and possibly more when you are going through an online surrogacy.

Legitimacy is Important

The first thing you want to do is make sure the site is legitimate and reputable.

Find out where the surrogate mother lives, her health condition and why she is doing this. Otherwise, you may encounter some big problems.

If the site is fraudulent, not only will you lose any money you invest, but your emotions will take a toll as well. This is an emotional time period and you want something you can trust instead of worry about.

A lawyer is important on both sides of the surrogacy. Otherwise you can be taken for a lot of money and emotional investment.

If the surrogate mother is not local to you, you are playing with a bit more risk as you can’t go to doctor’s appointments or check in with her. It doesn’t seem like people do this with surrogates who aren’t local, but it’s done. Again, you have more risk because you’re not as present.

Parting with the Baby

You’ve also got the risk of the surrogate mother refusing to give up the baby. Yes, that’s going to go against your contract, but it happens.

It happens, too, that sometimes the couple refuses to take the baby and that is a part of the dark side of surrogacy as well.

Surrogacy can be a beautiful thing when it allows a couple who can’t conceive to become parents.

It often works without a hitch and everyone comes out in a happy place, but often there are glitches.

If this is something you’re looking into, make sure to cover all of your bases, do your research, find a lawyer and put on your emotional armor.

Hopefully it will all work out and soon you’ll have your own new baby!

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics including women’s health, social media and small business.


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