Top 5 Apps That Can Monitor Your Health Activity

With your growing age people are affected with different types of diseases. It requires a constant vigilance to keep your health disorders in check. There are various health apps that you can use to monitor your health activity on a constant basis. Most of the people of the world are suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, and from irregular blood pressure. Along with proper exercises you need to check your sugar level, pulse rate on a regular basis. This will help you to take timely precautions before the situation gets worse.  

There are various smart apps now available using which you can easily check your daily health activity easily. These people smart apps can help you to stay well aware about your current health status and you can respond to the timely precautions if needed. There are various health apps that people do not even have the correct knowledge.

Top 5 Apps That Helps You in Monitoring Health Activity   

There are several apps that can help you to monitor your health activity in a better way. Therefore, let’s explore the name of those apps that can help you to monitor your health activity properly.     

1. Instant Heart Rate   

This is the most popular app that you can use to track your heart rate accurately. This is the most popular app that most of the heart patients all over the world uses. Now, the question is how you can use this app to check your heart rate. The process is very simple. You just need to place your index finger on your phone camera and you will get the detailed report of your heart rate. If you wish you can also view the rhythm of your heart pace with a real time chart. It works on the principal of the oximeters to show you the detail condition of your heart position. It is available online trading absolutely free of cost. You need not to spend any money. Hence staying fitter will be easier.   

2. Care Health Monitor  

This app was designed initially for measuring the heart rate and the blood pressure primarily. Later the features of this app were extended so you can easily measure pulse wave, respiratory rate, vision, oxygen, hearing, and the lung capacity. Even you can measure the problem of color blindness also with the help of this app. You need to press the screen using your finger to use it properly. After that you need to place your index finger on the rear camera until all the reports of your health are generated from it. The accuracy rate of this app is very high and you will get the correct report of all your health status. You can get a detailed report of your blood pressure, lipid rate and oxygen in the blood and the heart rate etc. You can use this app absolutely free of cost. Hence, stay fit and stay healthy. The more cautious you are regarding your health the better it will be for you.  

3. My Plate Calorie Tracker   

Your entire lifestyle depends on your health. The more fit you can stay the better you can perform your activities well, also you have to be active and healthy during office. Your diet is the most dominating factor that affects your health to a great extent. Eating healthy and the intake of a balanced diet can keep your heart healthy and active. My Plate app can warn you regarding your calorie intake on a daily basis and you need to maintain that rate to keep your sugar and heart healthy. A bar code scanner is used by this app to understand the amount of calorie a food has. Hence, you can limit your calories intake in your body instantly. It will also provide you the right amount of calorie intake level in your body. This app is also absolutely free of cost to keep your body free from disease and health related issues. It also helps you in tracking the macronutrient consumption of the food on a daily basis. It will help you to track the food, water, and the weight of the food in calories on a daily basis. Hence, staying fit and healthy will be easier now.   

4. Pulse Point   

At the time of heart attacks, it provides lifesaving assistance to the people. This app is very handy and you can track people nearby who are trained with CPR for the heart patients. It provides location based services and informs the people within your vicinity who are specialized in checking the CPR.It is working very well globally. This app can act as a friend of yours if you are facing heart related problems and in the time of emergency. Currently, it has 911 communication centers all over the globe. Hence, it is now serving millions of communities at the time of emergency. The app is absolutely free of cost and you need not to invest any money on it.     

5. Kardia By Alvicor   

It is the most clinically validated app and gas got the clearance of FDA. You can easily track your EKG and can easily share the information of this report with your doctor. This app will also help you to track your dietary patterns, sleep, exercise patterns, and shortness of breath in the patients and many more can easily be tracked using this application. You can get the EKG analysis and the consultations with the cardiologist is certified. It is not a free app like the other apps. Hence, you can easily get your health-related assistance easily using these apps.   


Hence, you can use these smart apps to monitor your health issues on a regular basis. These health apps have the power to save the lives of the millions. You need to focus more on downloading these apps on your smartphone. The reason is at the time of emergency these apps can act as your best friend to handle all the problems in your dire situation. You can safeguard the lives of your near ones by installing these apps in your mobile. These are people smart apps to help you in your crisis situation.

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