How to Start a Junk Removal Business

Guidelines on How to Start a Junk Removal Business
By: Nathaniel Hardin

Are you looking to begin a junk removal business? Suspect you wish to start a junk removal business on your own, it takes a good planning to make your junk removal business successful.

junk car pick up business

So, how to start a junk removal business?

First and most important, have a business plan. Writing an one-page business plan helps the growing businesses owner target the main components that make up the company. Consider the business plan a good option to write even with a single employee–you–perhaps operating a home Internet business. It brings professionalism through outlining the business, setting goals and a method to see how well selected areas flourish while others might falter.

Other steps that would best help you the best way to start a junk removal business are the following :

Market Entry

1. Decide if your junk car pick up removal service will target the commercial market or the residential market or some aggregate of both. The competition and the legal and money necessities will be different in each market.

2. Survey the competition in your targeted market.

3. Establish your rates by calculating your price of providing the service in your neighborhood. Include appliances, material, labor, supplies, maintenance, licenses, taxes, promotion and insurance to estimate your operating costs. Add your profit markup to get the whole amount to charge.

4. Contact established corporations with complementary companies and ask after collaborations and sub-contracts. These firms may include recycling operations that need pickup services and building contractors that need demolition waste removal.


1. Set-up your accounting system. At minimum you need to be able to track your accounts due, your accounts receivables and your money on hand. Monthly cash flow projections are critical to keep track of profits. You will find tools for making these on the All Business website.

2. Create a selling calendar, primarily based on your business plan. This may help you decide when and the way to promote your hauling service. This calendar should reflect seasonal variations in expected volume for each of your trash hauling services.

3. Implement your human resources plan. Include number and kind of workers required. Write job descriptions and establish wages and benefits that you’re going to offer. Hire staff as needed or outsource this function. Visit All Business to get sample forms that you will need.

4. Develop efficient trash pickup routes that reduce time in traffic, expenditures for fuel and worker travel time. Develop weather and appliances failure contingency plans, based on your future clients’ wishes.

5. Put aside a portion of every day or week, depending on business volume, to complete a management review. Review your goals and systems, update or revise your business plan appropriately.

So, a junk removal business can be very lucrative if you know how to manage your business properly and select the company wisely you need to join in.

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  1. I recently started my own junk removal business and I was wondering if you had any insight on coming up with an adequate human resources plan. I’m a numbers guy, so I had no trouble creating the business plan and setting up the accounts.

    What kind of things should I take into account for the HR plan?

  2. Mary B says:

    Really informative post! I’m thinking about starting my own junk removal business, after all people will always have junk, right? Thank you for sharing your really valuable advises and thoughts on this topic! I highly appreciate them!

  3. This is really fantastic blog. I want to bookmark this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. moving boxes London says:

    Simply awesome tips compiled here on how to start a junk removal business. Really enjoyed reading this post.

  5. Caseyw5555 says:

    I love the article, you actually gave good tips on how to run a legit business. I have come across article similar to yours and they act like starting a junk removal company is easy enough for a 4 year to do it successfully. I started my own 3 years ago Junk Removal Atlanta Ga
    and used a lot of you tactics.

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