5 Impressive Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Area

A home-cooked meal is one of the best things to look forward to when heading home. Apart from the good food, you also look forward to joining your family over dinner. But what makes the dining area the perfect spot which brings the family together? The cozy and appetite-boosting atmosphere. It’s about how the lighting holds an impact on the diners. With the help of lighting, you can play and experiment with different colors and vibrancy allowing you to achieve your desired dining experience.

5 Impressive Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Area 1

(Image Source: https://www.lowes.com/l/chandeliers-pendant-lighting-inspiration.html)

These five impressive lighting ideas will give you enlightenment on how you can give a better dining experience to both family and guests. More than just the design, dig in deeper on what affects the atmosphere within the common areas of your home. Give your family a reason why they should look forward to shared meals. Use lighting to highlight the best parts of your dining area.

The Modern Dining

5 Impressive Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Area 2

(Image Source: https://qanvast.com/sg/photos/jalan-tempua-dining-room-115354)

Compared to the early-existing designs, modern contemporary focuses more sleek and straight design features. The design is simpler but it plays an effective visual impact on people. The image above is the best example of effective lighting design for your dining area. It is simple yet the materials, lighting, and furniture blend well together. The Modern Dining is not something extravagant but the lighting helps in building the ideal atmosphere during meals.

They designed a cove ceiling illuminated with flexible LED strip lights in warm color which you can check out at “www.elstarled.com”. The neutral colors of the walls, flooring, ceiling, and furniture is enhanced with the help of lighting. The shadows expose the contours of the ceiling, walls, and furniture. They used the cove lighting as their secondary light source and the pendant lights as their primary light source wherein they both vary in color.

The Industrial Edge 

5 Impressive Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Area 3

(Image Source: https://diningroomlighting.eu/whats-hot-on-pinterest-5-dining-room-lighting-ideas/)

The Industrial Edge is a combination of modern, contemporary, and industrial architectural design. As you can see on the image above, the ambiance seems so light yet has a visual impact on the diners. It’s not the typical design of a dining area filled with curved and extravagant furniture and wall designs. Even though, they still managed to incorporate straightened with curved elements to exhibit comfort bringing the family together.

The natural source of light is what balanced it all out. They used a barely tinted floor-to-ceiling window and built-in fireplace on the right-most part of the dining area. Moreover, their iconic piece remains to be their secondary light source which is the pendant lights. Since the fireplace exhibits warm color, it would be best to balance it out by using pendant lights which exhibit white color.

The Country Scene 

5 Impressive Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Area 4

(Image Source: https://freshome.com/dining-room-ideas/)

Among the common spaces inside the house, the dining area hosts most of the conversations bringing the family together. The Country Scene exhibits a modern style of country interior design. They experimented on different woodworks and added strong materials like marble for their dining table, as the fundamental furniture in the dining. It’s a combination of strong and soft materials which blended well because of the neutral colors.

In designing the lighting of your dining area, identify first the ambiance that you want to build which will depend on the activities you host. Is this your favorite spot for meetings? Do you usually host family gatherings in the dining area? It really varies. But for whatever reason, The Country Scene looks like a bed-and-breakfast-type of the dining area. From the centerpiece, lighting, furniture, to the chosen materials, you will feel that this is the ideal dining area you want to have.

The Heavenly Antique 

5 Impressive Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Area 5

(Image Source: http://tikestudio.co/vintage-dining-room/)

Whenever we think of vintage design, what comes to mind are the words old and traditional. Not all are fans of modern and contemporary interior design. What better way of compromising than arranging your dining room as if it was modern-type of vintage architecture. As you can see on the image above, the walls are plaided with Victorian patterns in white. They used rustic wood for the table and chairs. The patterned carpet made it look like a traditional house building a homey and cozy feeling.

The lighting design is very creative with the chandelier and wall sconces. The primary light source is the white vintage chandelier with its exceptionally sleek design suspended in chains. The wall sconces served as a secondary light source. You will notice similarities with a vintage candle holder dating back in the earlier years. The whole look is rustic but at the same time elegant. You wouldn’t realize how sleek can blend well with strong materials.

The Sleek Mediterranean

Mediterranean lighting ideas

(Image Sources: http://alternomica.club/split/?url=szydlowiec.org/mediterranean-dining-room/mediterranean-dining-room-dining-room-mediterranean-dining-room-design-ideas/)

If you are a fan of Mediterranean dining, you will know how fancy The Sleek Mediterranean could be. From the upholstery of the furniture to the lighting fixtures, you will recognize the fine features of the interior design. It’s not something extravagant but it’s not minimalist as well. Different shades of brown were used to put all the pieces together without overlapping the presence of one another.

The way the dining area was placed maximized the use of ambient lighting. Moreover, to achieve a warm and cozy ambiance, they utilized an industrial styled chandelier and wall sconces in brass material. They did not overdo the lighting fixtures but it’s very stylish especially when hosting dinner. 


In choosing the ideal lighting design for your dining area, allow it to define the users and their activities. It acts more than just a dining area but a collaborative area where friends and family usually get together. How do you want the ambiance to be? Are you a fan of a warm atmosphere or a bright yet elegant aura? No matter how fancy the interior design of your dining area is, proper lighting is the best way to exhibit the elements inside of it. 

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