7 Best LED TVs to look for in 2021

There are several TV brands in India that offer a large number of models in various segments. Smart TVs and Android TVs are the trends now, as they have a host of features that allow you to watch content from OTT platforms and YouTube, browse the internet, Skype with friends and family, create photo slideshows, use social media, and play games.

LED tvs

 But with the market flooded with innumerable TVs from different brands, it can be a tough choice to decide which one to buy. In this article, we list the 7 best LED TVs across all segments that you can purchase for your home.

LG 32 Inch HD Ready Smart LED TV

If you’re looking for a 32-inch TV, this LED TV by LG is one of the best options. It has a great display quality at a budget-friendly price. The TV comes with a Dynamic Colour Enhancing processor, which enhances the colour accuracy of the display.

So not only does it give you a fantastic HD display, but it also has a good video quality in standard definition content.

Mi TV 32 Inch HD Ready Android LED TV

Mi entered the smart TV segment with a range of offerings, providing high-quality TVs at affordable prices. This 32-inch TV by Mi is a great option to watch TV shows, multimedia content and movies in amazing display quality. Mi has more than 20 content partners that you can enjoy on this TV.

It comes with Android v.9.0 OS that gives you the features of Google such as Google Assistant, and a simple and smooth interface. This TV also has an in-built Chromecast feature, with which you can cast your phone on your Mi TV and view pictures or watch movies on it.

Panasonic 40 Inch Full HD Smart TV

This is a good TV to bring home in the 40-inch category, as it is a real value for money product. It features Panasonic’s Vivid Digital Pro, which gives out superb colour accuracy and brightness. Additionally, the Adaptive Backlight Dimming feature enhances the image contrast ratio, and gives a clearer picture quality by selectively adjusting the backlight.

The TV supports multiple HDR formats, and a 16-watt audio system. It also has Bluetooth support, so you can connect an external speaker to the TV.

LG 4K 55-inch UHD Smart LED TV

This LG TV is one of the best models in the 55-inch LED TV segment, with a great aesthetic appeal thanks to its sleek design, and a ceramic colour coat. This TV sports an IPS display which offers wide viewing angles, letting you watch the TV from anywhere in the room comfortably with impeccable display quality. It features an active HDR system, which boosts each frame of the video and improves the details. Lastly, the DTS Virtual sound system provides high-quality and multi-dimensional audio.

Samsung Serif 55 Inches 4K QLED Smart TV

Samsung is known for its best-in-class 55 inch LED TV, and this TV is proof of that. This TV comes with a metal stand, which gives it a beautiful, minimalistic design that will look superb in your living room.

The 4K QLED display gives unmatched screen brightness and offers a fabulous viewing experience to the user. Another great feature is the Multi View, which allows you to view your TV and smartphone screen simultaneously.

LG 65 Inches 8K NanoCell TV

The LG NanoCell TV is a premium TV with a range of striking features. LG’s α9 Gen 3 chipset makes it a powerful TV with Google Assistant and Alexa support. The LG NanoCell 8K is capable of transforming 2K and 4K content into the revolutionary 8K picture by amplifying definition and detail.

The Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos give you a surreal sound quality. That is not all, as this TV also features NVIDIA’s 30 series GPU, which gives you an amazing gaming experience as well.

Sony Z8H

The Sony Z8H is a fantastic TV if budget is not one of your worries. While this LED TV price is on the higher side, it is an 8K 85-inch TV, which is one of the top TVs in the market. This Sony TV supports Apple AirPlay, and also boasts of the Sony X1 Ultimate chipset that churns out unmatched picture processing.

The TV sports the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO for superior contrast. Being true to Sony’s reputation of providing the best sound quality, this TV features the Sony Multi Acoustic audio technology, so you can use it as the centre speaker for your home entertainment setup.

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