Air Conditioner Components Likely to Develop Issues in Summer

The air conditioner works tirelessly to ensure you have a pleasant environment throughout the seemingly endless summer. You rely on your AC to make your home stay comfortable. However, various components of the unit are prone to breakdown and repair during the ordeal. Luckily, you can have these AC components on your system working seamlessly with assistance from a professional technician. Here are the top AC components likely to develop issues as your unit works during the summer.

air conditioner components

Run capacitors

Failure of the run capacitor is common in AC systems during summer. The run capacitor helps the motors during startup and run cycle. On failure, the compressor or fan motor struggles to start leading to shut down of essential internal safety mechanism. Traditional style capacitors were made with PCB oil, which is a special coolant and for longevity.

However, PCB was discovered to be a carcinogen and harmful to the environment leading to its ban. Modern capacitors use castor oil but this is not long-lasting. So, as your AC works tirelessly throughout the highest summer temperatures, there’s a chance of capacitor failure. This might happen unexpectedly if you don’t call a technician to diagnose the weak capacitor early enough.


The air conditioner runs nonstop throughout the summer making the air filter get dirty quickly. So, you need assistance from the Best AC repair in Houston TX to replace the filters more often. One-inch filters need replacement after every three months but this depends on the household. Homes with kids, pets, heavy traffic, and hardwood flows have filters that get dirty quicker. Coupled with the persistent high temperatures in summer, your filters need replacement within weeks but not months.

The technician will recommend a pleated air filter that captures most household dirt without compromising the performance of your system. Additionally, opt for filters with higher efficiency to minimize allergies. These too need replacement more frequently in summer. Dirty filters significantly affect air conditioner performance although it is easier to resolve with assistance from a professional.


Air conditioners usually get low on refrigerant during the early cooling season. The circuit of the unit needs a sealing system to prevent leaks. Prolonged leaks require multiple recharging of refrigerant throughout the year. This is very expensive resulting from progressive AC inefficiency and consistent rise in Freon price. Ignoring AC repair encourages the leaks to become larger. Scheduled maintenance and repair involve the technician undertaking a leak check to replenish refrigerant.


Running the air conditioner more frequently in summer makes the filter dirty and the whole unit. The AC unit processes more than 100,000 pounds of air daily. This means that a lot of dirt and debris are carried in this air. Materials like pollen, lawn clippings, and dust accumulation in the AC progressively compromise system efficiency. This leads to a hike in the energy bills.

Neglecting to call an AC technician encourages overheating and breakdown. You can wash off the external coils using a mild pressure hose. Experts understand cleaning requirements since all units don’t have a similar process. The technician might have to take the panels off to clean the AC adequately. Scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner coils before and throughout the summer is necessary.


The air conditioner cools the air while actively dehumidifying. Water removed from the air runs through a tiny drain hose. Water runoffs accumulate into gallons daily. This water backed by any remaining dirt past the filter causes drain clogging.

Dirt and sludge develop to clog the drain with the continued running of the unit. Never hesitate to call a technician to blow out the drain line so water keeps going down the drain. This limits potential damage from the entry of water in the furnace cabinet. Always call AC repair service when you notice water accumulation in or below indoor equipment.


Failure of the AC motor is one of the most expensive repairs on your system. This can result from a failed capacitor leading to excess motor strain. This happens while the motor tries to start repeatedly leading to overheating and eventually shut off. Motor failure is also caused by dirty equipment that stresses the device.

Inappropriate Freon in the AC leads to longer run times and overuse. This simultaneously damages the compressor. Ensure to request AC repair to clean and maintain your air conditioning equipment. This makes it perform seamlessly throughout the hot Houston summer.

Bottom line

It is never too late to call a technician to maintain and repair your unit. With the oncoming summer, some components work harder than others to ensure that you have a comfortable home. So, now is the time to have the technician to ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready for the season. Replacing and repairing your AC equipment saves money and discomfort.

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