Pros And Cons Of Container Homes

We come across the concept of container homes every now and then. What comes to mind is a fancy closed quartered space which is also a lot of fun to live in. We have seen plenty of container homes in movies. Many times, when we see how easy and fun it is to live in one, we find ourselves daydreaming about owning one.

Container homes, like everything else, come with their own set of pros and cons. One needs to be quite vigilant when it comes to buying a container home and then dealing with the whole set of issues that come with buying it.

If you are thinking of buying a container house, listed below are some pros and cons for you. You can weigh each group and decide for yourself. 

container homes

The Pros

Container houses have a uniqueness to them which adds to their appeal. Following are some of the reasons why buying a container house is a fairly good idea. 

Promotes Recycling:

Container homes are essentially leftover cargo carriers that are used to build homes. There is a multitude of modular home manufacturer businesses that are doing quite well in selling these. A prominent and major claim that they use in promoting their business is that these homes are helping the “Go Green ” cause. Resultantly, the idea is appealing to the young people who are acutely aware of the climate threat looming over us. 

Easy to transport:

Unlike traditional houses, container houses can be easily transported to you. Also, if you want to move to a new place, a container house is definitely easier to move. It saves you a lot of trouble packing and unpacking which also saves precious time.

Bright and airy

Container homes can be made quite bright and airy. If you install large-sized glass windows on the sides, it can be pleasantly airy and bright during the day. During the dark hours, you can add warmth to your house by installing some cheery LED strip lights. This will add a definitive glow and can add charm to your house.  

Easily Available

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll find that container houses are quite easy to access. Companies also offer to deliver them to you within weeks. This saves you the arduous task of going to market all the time to buy one thing or another. 

Durable and Strong

Container homes are built of the strongest steel. Hence, a container house is very much capable of holding up its own in all kinds of severe storms and will keep you safe from the extreme winds and rains. 

The Cons

There are also some negative aspects that you should bear in mind if you are looking to buy a container house. You should look to mitigate these in order to minimize the risks that can pose a danger to you while occupying a container house.

Heat and humidity

Steel is an excellent conductor of heat. One of the major challenges a container house poses is that it gets extremely hot and humid during summers. This makes it next to impossible to be inside one for longer periods of time. You’ll have to get good insulation and cooling/heating system to make sure the container is livable during peak summer and winter months.

Structural issues

During shipping, there is a high possibility that there would be damages to the container. 

Shipping accidents can cause damage to corners and edges during transportation. Steel containers may also get rust so be sure to choose a container that has been tested for it.

Carrier of toxic chemical residues

All kinds of goods and materials are shipped using containers worldwide. One can never know for sure what was transported in the container’s body before it was bought. There is a fair chance that residues of toxic substances like lead or other industrial chemicals once shipped via this container are still in the crevices of the container. If left unchecked, these chemicals could be harmful to you.

Not very spacious

Containers have proved to be barely enough for providing living space for two people. If you have kids, buying a container house wouldn’t be a very wise choice. In addition to this, as opposed to regular homes container homes are quite small. This significantly limits the capacity for bringing in the furniture that is required for comfortable living. 


Container homes have a certain appeal to them. Although it is safe to say that the thought of owning one is pretty exciting, one has to keep in mind the practical issues. Owning and then maintaining a container home is no easy task. However, if you think you are game and can manage and maintain one, you should most definitely give it a try.

We have tried to give you a fair idea regarding the pros and cons of container homes. You are pretty capable of making an informed decision now. Good luck!

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  1. I agree with what you said that container homes need good insulation since it is made out of steel heat and humidity can easily build up. My brother is looking for new home designs for his empty lot. I’ll share this with him later. Thanks.

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