Top Bathroom Plumbing Glitches That Everyone Must Know About

Most homeowners know about basic plumbing so they don’t have to call in the plumber every time the need arises. Often, a clogged toilet or a slow drainage pipe needs a plunger to get the pipe going. Maybe you have heard of Hydro jet before, which can solve most of your plumbing problems.

Small repair jobs can help save you from bigger bathroom problems later. These can also save you from the need for professional assistance later. With a regular maintenance schedule, you can prevent expensive repairs later on. Here are petty problems that can turn into serious damage if these are not addressed timely.

What are the common bathroom plumbing glitches?

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes! We all have been there and faced such maintenance problems once or two in our lifetime. Although, the replacement of leaky pipes might not be a big problem for many; however, it can become a messy job. Therefore, it might be a good idea to let a professional plumber handle this problem.

By allowing a professional plumber to take care of the problem, you can save time and effort. Nonetheless, until professional help finds its way to your home, you might want to use a compression clamp and a leaked tape to temporarily fix the pipe.

Low Pressure in the Pipes

There are subtle signs that one might want to look out for when it comes to bathroom glitches. And one of such signs is low water pressure where water trickles from the tap instead of gushing out of it. The number one reason for low water pressure is the build-up of deposits and sediment inside the aerators of the faucet.

While one method to deal with the problem is to clean the tap and showerheads, you might also want to solve the issue by effectively cleaning the aerators. If that, however, doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem, you might have a complex issue at hand.

Call a plumber right away and allow them to have a look at the problem.

Running Toilet

If the toilet seems to be in a glitch after flushing, you might be dealing with a running toilet. The fixing of a running toilet is easy as you will only have to replace the inner mechanism of the toilet. Usually, the flapper valve of the toilets passes from the tank to the toilet bowl. For most toilet models, you will find toilet repair kits as most useful.

Slow Draining Tub

Another bathroom glitch that you ought to look out for is a slow draining tub which is usually the outcome of a drain pipe that is full of hair. The hair that is stuck in the drain prevents the water from draining out of the tub. The quick solution to this bathroom glitch is clearing out the debris from the pipes.

It is important to mention here that your bathroom tub might not be draining slowly; however, by regularly clearing out the debris you can ensure that you don’t have to deal with clogged drains anytime soon.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are another very common bathroom (and kitchen) glitch. A clogged drain usually refers to the issue when the water in your sink, toilet, and bathroom won’t go out. You could also be dealing with a partial clog if not with a complete clog.

Often, people keep a plunger to deal with such an issue. A plunger might temporarily fix the problem and allow the water to drain out; however, you will still need professional help to fix clogged drains permanently. If you deal with clogged drains more than once a month, it might be a good idea to get professional help from a professional plumber.

Smelly Sewers

You might have encountered a sewer smell before – it usually smells like sewer gas, and trust us when we tell you that it is a very nasty smell to be around. Smelly sewers can cause a number of reasons, such as a dry shower trap, clogged drain, an old rusty toilet ring, and a damaged drain pipe.

Although you will find many DIY home remedies to eliminate the smell from the sewers, we still recommend identifying the case and having it fixed properly with the help of a professional plumber from your area.

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