7 Ways to Support Small Business During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has changed the way we live, work and communicate. Businesses, and small business owners in particular, have been hit especially hard as they try to navigate reopening or reshaping their business models with few resources. 

Some economies around the world have slowly reopened, while others have opened too quickly only to shut down again. The new normal for many small businesses include face mask requirements, contactless payments, and limited business hours. Some brick and mortar shops have taken their stores online, whereas others doors remain fully closed. 

Small business owners and workers alike need your help now more than ever.  If you are looking for a way to support small business in your area, check out these tips! 

  1. Purchase gift cards: If your favorite store or restaurant hasn’t fully reopened yet, you can still give them cash and make an investment for the future. Gift cards are a great way to help your favorite small businesses make ends meet during these trying times, while saving yourself money down the road. 
  1. Write an online review: Compliments are free! Even if you don’t have cash to support a local business right now, you can still write an online review encouraging others to do business there. Mention how the store is responding to the current pandemic in the review, detailing sacrifices or extra steps they’ve made to serve customers safely. 
  1. Ditch cash altogether: Cash can be contaminated, so consider ditching it altogether the next few months if you are able to take your bills online. Whether you have a credit card, an online debit account, or a payment app, there are plenty of ways to pay your bills without paper and coins.  
  1. Monitor your symptoms: Taking responsibility for your health is one of the best ways to support the people around you. Don’t risk infecting a business or worker with germs if you are feeling ill. Stay home, take your temperature, and monitor when your symptoms subside. 
  1. Register for online classes: Many fitness and art studios have taken their classes online. Sign up for these as you would an in-person class. You can support your favorite instructor or try out a new hobby all while stimulating the local economy. 

Every business has different needs right now. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or send an email directly to a small business owner asking the best way to support them today. You can also check their social media to see updates and recommendations. For more ideas on how to support small business during COVID-19, check out this visual from The Zebra below. 

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